Patio Products

Many people spend a large amount of their leisure time in their gardens. You may find yourself hosting a barbecue or party with friends. Alternatively, you may be just relaxing and enjoying your surroundings.

Generally constructed from many varieties of stone, concrete or wooden decking, a patio is an integral part of most gardens. It often represents the largest external investment a family makes in their property. You, therefore, wish to create an attractive, desirable feature. However, the elements can soon take their toll without good protection and maintenance. Consequently, it often leaves your paving or decking looking drab and in need of replacement.





Patio Cleaning the Easy Way

StoneCare4U has a complete range of products that enable homeowners to clean, maintain and protect their patios. Good preparation is the key, as with all DIY or professional projects! Our quality formulations include powerful products that clean away all organic growth, black spots and dirt. These are removed quickly and effectively, despite having become ingrained into the surface. Organic growth is defined as any form of algae and lichen that causes paving to look black, dirty or green. These organisms feed on the minerals present on damp surfaces, living and flourishing on any porous material.

An application of a quality sealer is essential to protect paving and its pointed joints once clean. Many expensive patios are ruined by damaged or broken pointing. Above all, the SC4U sealers penetrate into the mortared joints and paved surfaces. Importantly, this creates a hardened, durable film of weatherproofing. The StoneCare4U range includes sealers that will leave a dry, invisible finish or colour enhancers to bring out the natural beauty of paving or natural stone.


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