Floor Products

Within the StoneCare4U floor care range, you will find everything thing you need to keep your internal floor clean and protected. Our products are uniquely formulated to not only keep surfaces clean and looking good but also protect against oil and water-based stains. We have sealers and cleaners suitable for use on granite, marble, polished stone, travertine, slate, limestone, granite, quartz and sandstone. Please note it is important to remember that any sealant applied will only offer a degree of resistance to staining, once any stain has been noticed, it should be cleaned off straight away.

Our range of indoor cleaners are mild and ph neutral, this means they will clean, without risk of damaging the surface or bleaching any colour from the treated areas. If your floor has been previously sealed, our stone rejuvenator can be used to buff and enhance all stone surfaces, it also combines an antimicrobial protector for additional protection. This stone conditioner brings alive the natural beauty of stone and is very easy to use. Dependent on the porosity of the surface, our recommended method of application is by cloth, brush, sprayer or roller.


The advanced technology within our products is formulated with UV-resistant ingredients, this is particularly important when applied to conservatories, sunrooms and orangeries. With conventional products, surfaces with high amounts of exposure to the sun can quickly lose colour. Whether you have a kitchen or bathroom tiles, or stone flooring in your home, StoneCare4U products can be used throughout your property, our products are free from harmful solvents, so they can be applied safely to homes and commercial properties even when they are occupied.

If you are concerned about a slippery floor in the bathroom or kitchen, our anti-slip product is the answer. StoneCare4U SLIP-STOP will microscopically treat ceramics, porcelain and natural stone. The application will significantly reduce the risk of slipping on a wet floor and provides increased slip resistance without changing the aesthetic appearance of the surface.

Due to the density of many tiled surfaces, our floor sealer can be expected to provide excellent coverage of up to 25 m2 per litre. Available in a variety of finishes, including ‘dry’ ‘, colour-enhancing’ and ‘wet-look’ finishes, the StoneCare4U Essential range is the perfect and cost-effective way to clean, seal and protect your stone floor.


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