Paving Products

Paving is a term loosely used to describe various hard landscaping materials used within the construction industry for a wide scope of applications. The majority of drives, patios, paths, pavements, car parks and increasingly refurbished high streets are laid using some form of paving.

The most widely seen material domestically and commercially is block paving, this individual brick type paver is extremely versatile, easy to lay and durable. Available in a multitude of designs and colours, since the early 80s, this has been the dominant material within the marketplace for any area subjected to vehicular traffic. Supplied in 40mm 50mm and for commercial projects 60mm they can easily withstand the weight of vehicles without cracking or breaking.

For patios, paths and pavements, slabs made from concrete or cut from natural stone make up the vast majority of installations. At generally only 20-30mm in depth, unless laid onto a very specific sub-base, prepared to provide extra strength, most types are not suitable for use as a driveway.





Whichever form of paving you have, one thing that does not change is the need for some degree of maintenance and protection. Exposure to sunlight, moisture retention and pressure washing can all contribute to reducing the lifespan and visual appeal of any paved material. Damaging UV light can relatively quickly cause loss of colour and age prematurely. Porous substrates that retain moisture, readily become covered by various forms of stubborn black algae that make the surface appear constantly dirty. The use of pressure washers is never recommended by the suppliers or manufacturers of these materials. The intense, aggressive flow of water created by pressure washers rapidly erodes the protective layer of the material, or in the case of natural stone, damage the substrate and make it more susceptible to retaining moisture.

Within StoneCare4U portfolio of products, you will find sealers and cleaning products that are highly effective, solvent-free and easy to work with. A relatively small investment in time and money will translate into paved surfaces that retain their visual appeal and remain protected against the elements.


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