Grout Products

Beautiful tiles in perfectly good condition are often let down by dirty, drab grout which makes expensive tiles, look awful and in need of replacement. In bathrooms, showers and wet rooms, horrible black and green mould frequently grow between the joints, not only is this mould to the detriment of the room aesthetically, but it can also have various negative health implications.

Grout is defined as a fluid mix of concrete that is used to seal and fill the voids between tiles. The core materials are a combination of sand, cement and water. To increase strength, lifespan and resistance to water various types of urethane and epoxy polymers are often mixed within the manufactured formula. Many varieties are available on the market, all with their own specific purpose and recommended application, these include resin-based, non-shrink, structural, flooring and tiling options. StoneCare4U range of products provides the complete maintenance solution for tiled joints. Our products will clean, seal, protect, restore and help avoid the awkward replacement of the existing grout.





Variants in cement-based grouting materials stem from the micron size of the ‘ground clinker’ used within the cement. With particle sizes from under 5-15 microns, the finer the microns used within the product, the easier it will be to work with. Another factor in the overall finish of the joints will be the type of sand within the mix. Although not an essential ingredient, when used, it would be a form of finely ground silica sand, this type of sand adds to the overall strength and helps create a smooth, non-gritty finish.

Similar to the viscosity of a very thick emulsion, which hardens over a relatively short period, grout is distinguished from mortar by its lack of lime content and a higher level of flexibility, its overall viscosity makes it easy to apply and allows effective sealing of thin joints. Over the last few years, many colour variations have become available to compliment the vast array of tiles used in kitchens, bathrooms and floors.

Depending on the substructure and wherein a property the tiles are being hung or laid will be factored in the type of grout being used. With improved and advancing technologies permeable or waterproof grouts are now available in a spectrum of colours, providing the consumer with ever-increasing options and methods of application.


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