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The definition of the term masonry is loosely the construction of buildings made from individual units. After laying, the units are normally ‘pointed’ or connected together using a mix of sand and cement known as mortar. Masonry buildings can be constructed from a variety of materials, the most common being bricks or concrete blocks, but would also include units made from natural stone materials such as granite and limestone.

Concrete blocks provide many options for the construction industry and those manufactured with ‘hollow cores’ provide even greater flexibility. On large commercial structures, hollow core blocks boast impressive compressive strength, when additional reinforcing such as concrete or steel is inserted into the ‘hole’ this provides even greater lateral and tensile strength. This overall creates a very stable building, but one that should still be protected against the climate and moisture created via human habitation.


Bad weather is often a factor in the degradation of buildings and the breakdown of mortar joints. This degradation is often accelerated and magnified in buildings exposed to regular low temperatures that are associated with freeze-thaw cycles. The application of StoneCare4U masonry sealer is the perfect way to protect properties from the adverse effects of wet weather and low temperatures.

Our unique formulation of sealer not only protects against the elements, but it also allows the substrate to breathe, this is important as it allows retained moisture and moisture created within the walls to escape and evaporate. Essentially, this sealing technology reduces the potential of further issues caused by the freeze-thaw cycle. As an ‘impregnating’ sealer, that penetrates deep into the substrate and seals from within, a long lifespan and high performance is guaranteed.

Free from solvents, the sealant can be safely used around public areas, animals and children. The product not only protects against water penetration but will generally help to keep walls a lot drier, this reduces the potential cosmetic, health and structural issues created by retained moisture, mould and algae.


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