Mould Products

Around the home mould is a very common problem, it is generally caused by penetrating damp, condensation, leaks or poor ventilation. Everyday occurrences such as cleaning, cooking, showering and taking baths create a lot of moisture within the home. Unless this can moisture can readily evaporate, the condensation it causes can eventually manifest itself and contribute to the formation of mould.

Externally mould actually forms an important purpose by contributing to the disintegration of old organic matter. Within the home, however, its spores, released into the air can cause allergies and respiratory problems if breathed in.

It is important not to let mould establish itself in a property, once present it can be quite difficult totally remove. Good ventilation and awareness of the potential problem are good places to start. Whenever possible try to dry clothes outside and not on radiators, dry the walls of your bathroom or shower after use and avoid leaving wet clothes in the washing machine.





There are many forms of mould varying in colour from orange, green, black, blue and several shades in between, some varieties are far more dangerous than others. The majority do not cause major problems, but some variants of black mould produce mycotoxins. Invisible to the eye, mycotoxins enter the body through inhalation and can cause problems with vision, skin ailments, issues with blood circulation and the respiratory system. Medically, there are even documented links to problems with the reproduction system and effects on people psychological and neurological conditions.

If you feel the contamination in your home is toxic and contributing to health problems, it is recommended to seek specialist advice before any work to solve the issue is undertaken. Non-toxic forms can be cleaned using our specialist cleaner, once treated and removed it is vital to make sure the area remains dry to stop the condition returning.

StoneCare4U have developed products that help keep homes dry and clean away existing mould. Our impregnating sealers penetrate deep into brickwork, masonry and walls, sealing up from within damaged and porous voids. Crucially these products still enable the property to breathe, so moisture currently trapped in the home can evaporate. Easy and safe to apply StoneCare4U products provide a long-term solution to moisture penetrating through walls and creating damp. If you feel the contamination in your home is toxic and contributing to health problems.


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