Natural stone is a popular feature both inside and outside homes. Homeowners often choose natural stone for a patio as well as kitchen and bathroom floors as it offers exceptional durability and a stunning finish. If a high-quality floor cleaner is used, natural stone is also easy to maintain and care for. The results can be amazing if the best cleaner for tile and stone is always used for ongoing maintenance of natural stone flooring.

Of course, not all-natural surfaces are the same. Marble, sandstone, limestone and granite are all-natural stones. Yet they have different properties. When you’re choosing a floor cleaner, it’s essential to choose the right product for your surfaces.

A cleaner for tile may not be best suited for use on limestone, for example, and vice versa. Also, if your natural stone has been sealed, you’ll need to take this into account. When you’re choosing the best floor cleaner for your needs, it matters what kind of stone you’re using.

When it comes to using a natural stone cleaner for tile and stone flooring, it’s always advisable to use a specialist product. A generic floor cleaner is often acid-based which can be damaging to natural stone surfaces. A natural stone floor cleaner for tile without acid will keep your stone flooring in your home in tip-top condition.

Choosing The Best Floor Cleaner

The first thing to consider when you’re choosing a floor cleaner is where you’re going to use it. While a floor cleaner for tile may often be specified for outdoor use only; others have a dual purpose.

Our Essential Ultra Cleaner Pro is designed for use indoors and out. Its versatility means you can use just one-floor cleaner inside and outside your home. Many of our customers regard it as the best floor cleaner in our range but we will leave that for you to decide.

Our Essential Hard Surface Neutral Cleaner is ideal for indoor use. Our Essential Stone Floor Rejuvenator could also be exactly what you’re looking for. Designed for interior use, you can keep your surfaces clean and free from stains. Your home will look amazing too.

Finding A Floor Cleaner For Natural Stone

Natural stone can vary significantly. So, you shouldn’t assume that all-natural stone cleaners will be suitable for you. You’ll need to check whether your chosen floor cleaners are safe to be used with any sealants and finishes.

Using the wrong type of stone cleaner could cause irreversible damage to your stone. Potentially removing sealants and finishes from the surface of the stone isn’t the only issue. The wrong cleaners could stain or scratch the stone itself. But, help is at hand. At StoneCare4U, we understand how tricky it can be to find the best floor cleaner.

To make things easier, we’ve created a professional-grade floor cleaner. It is suitable for use on a large variety of natural stones. Our specialist cleaning formulas offer exceptional results. They also enable you to use just one or two products to keep your entire property in perfect condition.

Our Essential Ultra Cleaner Pro is a great multi-purpose product. It’s perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It can also be applied to various types of natural stone. Polished marble, porcelain, ceramic, sandstone, slate, granite and limestone will all come up clean. It’s also an excellent choice for cleaning tiled floors and surfaces. In fact, many people refer to it as the best floor cleaner for tile and stone floors.

For indoors only, our Essential Hard Surface Neutral Cleaner is hard to beat. Suitable for use on all indoor surfaces, it can be used as a day-to-day floor cleaner. But it’s also great for more intensive bouts of cleaning. Other types of indoor surface cleaners are not so flexible.

A Versatile Product

The Essential Hard Surface Neutral Cleaner is very versatile. It can work on almost any surface indoors. It also works exceptionally well on plastics, ceramics, enamel, tiles and metal. It’s not only for natural stone cleaning.

Are you looking to clean your kitchen floor, your bathroom suite or your countertops? Our Essential Hard Surface Neutral Cleaner will do the job in no time. This effective cleaner will remove grease, grime, dirt and stubborn stains. It will also leave your surfaces germ-free. What’s more, its unique formula means it’s free from potentially harmful alkaline and acids. So, you needn’t worry about it causing any damage to your surfaces.

Looking for an indoor cleaner for stone flooring with something extra? Our Essential Stone Floor Rejuvenator will do everything you need, and more. It’ll keep your floors ultra-clean all the time. The Essential Stone Floor Rejuvenator offers extra protection. Acting as a top-up liquid wax sealer, it will prevent oil or water-based stains from taking hold. It’ll also bring your natural stone floors back to their prime condition. It’s even suitable for use on all pre-sealed, indoor, natural stone floors. Basically, our Essential Stone Floor Rejuvenator is will help you to achieve perfection with the least amount of effort.

Intensive And Day-To-Day Cleaning

With professional-grade products, we have stone floor cleaning products for every eventuality. Despite their natural properties, stone floors need regular cleaning. Like any flooring surface, they’ll collect dust, dirt and grim as you’re walking across the floor.

For everyday cleaning, our Essential Hard Surface Neutral Cleaner is perfect. While our Essential Stone Floor Rejuvenator is good for intensive cleaning. Our Essential Ultra Cleaner Pro is great for harder jobs too. All our cleaners are capable of tackling stubborn stains. Grease build-up, tough dirt and grime are no problem either. You’ll be able to bring your natural stone surfaces back to their best fast.

A good quality natural stone cleaner should be safe and easy to use. We also make the cleaning process as simple and straightforward as possible. We include detailed application instructions on every bottle of cleaner. That means you’ll have no issues when it comes to using any of our floor or surface cleaners.

Of course, our dedicated team are always on hand. We are able to provide advice, assistance and information too. We can also help you determine the right floor cleaner for the surface you are looking to clean. If you’d like to know more about the best cleaner for tile and stone floors, please contact us using the contact form or by calling us on 0333 355 3606.

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