Available in three different formulas, Stonecare4u Essential range of limestone sealer contains a finish that will suit everybody’s taste. Our products for limestone are hardwearing, free of unpleasant odours and can be used inside or outside the home. A black limestone sealer can be used to enhance and transform the look of dull-looking limestone patios and floors. When looking for a limestone paving sealer, it’s worth doing some research first.

If a ‘dry’ ‘invisible’ finish is what you are looking for? our ‘matt’ sealer is the perfect product for you. Maybe you are looking for a subtle ‘satin’ finish colour enhancer? that’s ok, we have that as well! If you just love the look of your Limestone when it is wet, displaying all the depth and beauty of its natural colours? it is our ‘colour boost’ product that you require.

Over the last 10-15 years, limestone paving has been gaining popularity with homeowners when it comes to choosing a surface for their patios. Limestone is often chosen because of its aesthetically pleasing appearance once laid, as well as the various colour options available to choose from. In addition to this, it is also a very porous type of natural stone which presents problems with maintenance and should therefore always be sealed with a protective limestone paving sealer.

Like many other types of natural stone surfaces used for patios, limestone is often chosen because it can look quite stunning once laid. Limestone paving is often the preferred choice not only of homeowners but also the builders and landscapers who lay it. The transformational effect it can have on a garden area can be amazing; often making a once drab patio area into a place that homeowners are proud to sit outside in, especially in the warmer months. Black limestone, in particular, is very popular because of the light and dark contrasting effect it can have. However, as with most external surfaces, limestone paving can deteriorate rapidly if left unprotected from the elements as well as general wear and tear. It also follows that applying a limestone paving sealer to the surface for added protection can cut down on cleaning and maintenance whist keeping the surface looking good at all times.

Although not as porous as sandstone, the general porosity of limestone can make ongoing maintenance an issue at times. Spores transferred to the surface from leaves and other rotting vegetation can cause issues such as patio black spot and the growth of other types of lichen which can make the patio look dirty and untidy. Applying a black limestone sealer can make the surface water resistant which can help stop the various types of lichen attaching themselves to the surface. Moreover, the various finishes available with the limestone sealer also gives homeowners options that suit their personal preferences. Stonecare4u have created three finishes, that enable you and other homeowners to create the aesthetic look you desire. The first one is Essential Limestone Sealer MATT which effectively leaves the surface unaffected, that is, it will not change the appearance. Secondly, the Essential Limestone Sealer Colour Boost will seal the surface and provide a colour enhancing or darkening effect but will still dry as matt finish. Lastly, Essential Limestone Sealer Satin gives a colour enhancing effect whilst leaving a satin or wet look sheen on the surface. The last one is especially popular when homeowners are looking fr a black limestone sealer as they like the look of it when it is wet.

Limestone is also used internally sometimes as tiled areas on floors but mostly around fireplaces. Its natural colouring makes it ideal for this type of use but like most hard surfaces used internally as well as externally, sealing the surface for added protection is always best advice. Any of the Stonecare4u limestone sealer range mentioned above can be used for sealing a limestone fireplace as they will all provide protection against deterioration. If you are looking at sealing a limestone fireplace just choose the finish you prefer and follow the application instructions carefully. Over a period of years a top up or repeated application of the limestone sealer may be required just to ensure the surface remains fully sealed.

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