Essential Grout Perfect Grout is far superior to using grout paint. This advanced grout paint formulation is the ideal alternative to using a cheap grout dye or grout pen. It takes away the frustration of removing ingrained muck, stains and dirt from otherwise well-conditioned grout. The advanced formulation is a grout restorer that can make old grout look like new.

A Superior Grout Paint In Many Colours

Representing excellent value for money, just one tube of Perfect Grout is often enough product to totally transform an entire bathroom or kitchen floor. Available in 10 different colours, Perfect Grout can make anybody with just basic DIY skills look like an expert in floor and tile restoration!

As homeowners continually look for cost-effective ways of improving the internal look of their homes, grout paint is becoming very popular because it is a quick aesthetic fix. Some homeowners opt for using a cheap grout dye or grout pen but they tend not to last. Bathrooms, kitchens and showers, in particular, are areas that are used every day and cleaning and maintenance are always ongoing. Tiles in showers and bathrooms tend to deteriorate fast especially if these areas are not well ventilated.

As the grouting gets dirty and mould and mildew start to appear, keeping it clean can be a challenge. If a good quality grout paint is used it can act as a very effective grout restorer and make old dirty grout soon look like new. Whether it’s grout paint in white or grout paint in black we have lots of grout restorer colours to choose from.

When you first have new tiles installed in your bathroom or kitchen they look spectacular and can totally transform the room. Whether you choose ceramic, porcelain, slate or one of the many other stylish choices available today, both modern and traditional homes can be transformed with a little imagination, but after a few years that lovely clean and fresh finish can start to look tired and faded. Aged, stained or yellowing grouting between the tiles can have a big impact on the overall effect, making walls and floors appear grubby and worn.

Avoid Using An Inferior Grout Dye Or Grout Pen

Grouting and mortar residues left on the tile surface for prolonged periods can also dull the surface sheen. Over time grouting can discolour due to many factors including exposure to moisture, dirt and grime and general wear and tear. Essential Perfect Grout is a high-quality grout paint from StoneCare4U and comes in ten colours. Applied, using a sponge it is a grout restorer that is starting to become well known in DIY circles as well as the trade.

Keeping grouting in tile joints dirt-free can seem never-ending and many people give up without trying too hard to look for solutions. Sometimes a cheap grout dye or a grout pen can help but they tend not to last and are only effective in small areas of discolouration. A grout dye is generally better than using a grout pen but a grout pen is usually so cheap many people try it and don’t complain too much if they don’t work. Certain areas, particularly where moisture might be present can be more susceptible to marks and discolouration sending you rushing out to look for suitable grout cleaners.

What Is The Best Grout Restorer For Kitchens And Bathrooms?

General cleaning and maintenance will always help to prevent staining and deterioration but sometimes scouring and scrubbing is not enough to give you that bright new finish that you are looking for. Home remedies can be useful as grout cleaners but be careful as they are not always compatible with plastic or enamel baths, sinks and showers. The idea of trying to remove and replace all the old, tired looking grout is daunting and the work involved is difficult and time-consuming. There is also the risk of damage as tiles can crack and break during the grout removal process. Alternatively, you could hire an outside contractor, but this might prove expensive so is there an easier, more affordable option to restore and rejuvenate the appearance of your surfaces without the need for permanent removal.

An excellent alternative to total removal is to re-colour with grout paint to either enhance the current shade or completely change the colour. A grout paint acts as an effective grout restorer and can change the tone or colour around tiles and can give the effect of a complete renovation. You can choose to either match or contrast. Lighter shades of grouting can be darkened to achieve stylish dramatic results and existing schemes are completely transformed to look like new. Stubborn marks and discolouration can be easily disguised without difficulty producing superb results and formally tired and dreary looking surfaces appear revived and rejuvenated.

Colouring grouting is also a cost-effective solution to achieving that fresh, clean, newly decorated look in a bathroom, shower or kitchen. Compared with the price of replacing all the old grouting – let alone the time you will save yourself – or paying for a contractor, painting the old grouting is relatively inexpensive plus you will have the satisfaction of a job well done!

Neutral tones such as White, Sandstone, Cream and Ivory can really pop when accented using colours like Black, Coffee and Limestone. Current trends lean towards blends of grey including Charcoal, Medium-grey and Light grey which enhance most neutral tones and create a contemporary stylish finish. For a sleek, clean theme simply use white grout paint to refresh the existing white filler to leave it looking as good as new. Another advantage to painting your grout is the benefit of long-term sealing which helps to protect against future staining.

Essential Perfect Grout is very simple to apply so no need to call in a tradesman, just follow the easy application guide on the bottle. The result will look better than new and as though it has been done by a professional contractor! You simply need to prepare the surface by cleaning the grout with a good grout cleaner then apply Essential Perfect Grout thinly using a small brush or sponge, wipe away any of the sealers from the surface of the tile and allow to dry. Best results are achieved by applying a second coat. Don’t forget to allow plenty of drying time before wetting the treated surface.

Applied correctly, Essential Perfect Grout not only gives you unbeatable coverage but the added assurance of long-term sealing power, and with a lifespan of around 15 years, you can feel confident that the grout in your bathroom or kitchen not only looks great but is also protected.

There is no need to opt for a cheap grout dye or grout pen when a grout paint offers so much more. With a little effort and a relatively small investment, you easily apply the grout paint and soon have the perfect look in your bathroom, kitchen and shower. It is fast becoming the best grout restorer around today and the preferred choice of professional tradesmen.

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