Slate Products

For generations, slate has been widely used within the building industry. Its natural beauty and incredible durability made it the material of choice for many building professionals and roofing specialists.

With a water absorption lower than 0.4%, it is the ideal, naturally extracted material to use in the roofing industry. Extremely hardwearing, with a lifespan of between 80-100 years, it will remain waterproof for most of its lifespan, with very little or any maintenance required. Another benefit when cutting into a roof tile is that its low absorption rate is virtually unaffected by frost and low temperatures. This leaves a minimal chance of tiles breakages due to freezing. The composition of the material also means that it is fire-resistant and energy efficient, a real bonus in an age of spiralling energy prices.


Why Is Slate Used?

Using natural slate around the home and commercial properties is increasingly popular. With its incredible versatility, it can be used internally and externally in equal measures. Examples of different types of slate are used for grouted tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, internal and external floors, patios, stairs and wall cladding. Vast areas of natural slate can now be seen in prestigious homes, offices, hotels and other commercial properties across the UK, Europe and many other parts of the world.

When used for paving or floors, the back of the tile is often ‘ sold gauged’ or scrabbled, this means the underneath of the surface is ‘roughed up’ to make installation easier and adhesion to the base of the floor more effective. This type of tile is generally laid onto a bed of mortar, with the pointing of grout applied in the joints and to the perimeter.

Suppliers and contractors now widely recommend using sealers on the slate to increase its water resistance and natural beauty. Available in colour boost or matt finishes, StoneCare4U sealers enhance, protect and provide increased stain resistance.


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