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Classified as a plant, moss relies on the wind carrying its spores to enable germination. Very adaptable and resilient, the plant will thrive in any environment where any degree of moisture is present. During sustained dry periods it can often appear to have shrunk, lost its colour and apparently died, only to burst back into life when rain returns.

Moss will thrive in many environments, if any form of organic debris or muck has accumulated and been left for an appreciable amount of time, the plant will soon start to flourish. North facing surfaces or areas that receive little sunshine are also very likely to become contaminated.

Particularly prevalent in any damp or shady area, if left undisturbed, over time a virtual carpet of the plant can take hold. Any type of paved area with cracks, joints or chamfers will be gratefully accepted as a new home. Not only can this look unsightly around seemingly well-kept properties, but the amount of moisture moss contains can cause the premature breaking down of pointed and sealed joints on paving and roofs.





When looking for a product to treat affected areas, it is very important to avoid products that contain ferrous sulphate. This ingredient is widely used, but should only be used on lawns, not paved, concrete, or wooden surfaces. Ferrous is the chemical name for iron, this ingredient when used in a product and then applied on non-porous materials frequently causes rusty looking residue stains to appear. Once present these stains are very hard to remove and will only disappear over a considerable time period.

Our non-ferrous sulphate product is specially formulated to use on paved, concrete, tarmac or any other ‘solid’ substrate, is easy to use and fast-acting. For best results, apply when the affected area is as dry as possible, this will encourage the plant to ‘draw’ the product into its roots, enabling our product to be at its most effective.

Always remember to apply the product liberally enough so that it can penetrate into the plant’s roots. For areas with considerable depths of contamination, raking the area over prior to the application would be beneficial. Once treatment has been successful, occasionally re-apply the product in a diluted form to prevent re-growth.


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