StoneCare4U Essential Tile and Grout Sealer are available as a clear, invisible spray, or in a range of 10 colours. The clear grout sealer for shower and kitchen tiles will simply protect the grout from stains and marks without changing its appearance. Furthermore, the grout sealer can help slow down the growth of mould and mildew. For health reasons alone, we would always recommend using a grout sealer for tile and grout.

Furthermore, our amazing coloured ‘Perfect Grout’ sealers will do everything from covering over the ground in dirt, marks or stains to completely changing the colour of old tired grout. Durable and easy to use, you can totally transform the appearance of your wall or floor tiles at a fraction of the cost of replacement grout.

Grout Sealer For Shower Tiles

A grout sealer can protect the grout and help to keep it clean which can be a challenge for many homeowners. The number of use bathrooms, showers and kitchens get often means grout can quickly get dirty and discoloured and cleaning the grout once it gets like this is not easy. Mould and mildew are other issues that not only make grout look unsightly but can present a health hazard as well. If using epoxy grout, there doesn’t tend to be the same issues as with other types of grout. This is because epoxy grout tends to shed water and doesn’t allow it to penetrate into the surface.

Once you have installed new tiles on walls and floors in showers, kitchens and bathrooms it’s important to leave any grout to fully dry out before thinking about applying a grout protector. Applying the product, especially on smaller mosaic tiles can be tedious, but generally, it’s a smart decision as it can help save time and money trying to keep the grout clean in future.

Although using a grout cleaner can produce great results and make old grout look like new, the best way to keep grout clean in the first place is to use a grout sealer. Although many types of grout are formulated with an anti-bacterial component called ‘microban’ this is often not sufficient to keep the grout free from mould and mildew in the long term. Sealing grout is definitely the best move and although some grout cleaning may be required from time to time it will not be as frequent if the grout is unsealed.

Protect Grout In Bathrooms & Kitchens

Although grout can be hard to keep clean, especially around heavily used areas such as showers, bathrooms and kitchens, it can be done if you know-how. Grout by its very composition is generally very porous which is not great, especially in areas where water is constantly used. Shower and bathroom tiles are generally non-porous so they don’t need protecting the same way that grout does. Unless porous grout is sealed with a grout sealer it can deteriorate quickly.

Bathrooms and showers, in particular, tend to be areas where condensation is an issue. Moisture that stays around in the areas after use means unprotected porous grout can start to get dirty and attract the growth of mould and mildew, and therefore you’d need to spend even more money getting mould remover and mildew remover. This problem can be avoided by using a grout sealer which will make porous grout non-porous. If you stop water penetrating into the surface of the grout it can certainly help to keep it looking much better than unsealed grout.

A grout sealer spray can be used to apply the product and is usually the easiest way to apply it. When using the spray, it does not matter too much if any overspray occurs as this can be quickly wiped off the surface of any surrounding bathroom or shower tiles. A grout sealer for shower tiles can also be applied using a grout sealer spray or a sponge if required. Once the grout sealer has fully cured, using a toothbrush to clean individual grout lines can be a thing of the past.

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