StoneCare4U Essential range of external and internal wall cleaners will help you solve any problems encountered in trying to keep the wall clean. Any kind of organic growth, natural salts ‘weeping’ through the wall or any other issue can normally be resolved with just one application. Furthermore, they can be used as a wall mould cleaner or effective render cleaner.

Our Essential Wall Cleaners

StoneCare4U potent formulas are concentrated and ready to apply. Quick, easy and effective cleaning products are your perfect ally in trying to keep walls clean and a lovely feature of your home.

Why Is Wall Cleaning Important?

Historically walls and render have taken second place to roofs, driveways and patios when it comes to cleaning. Access issues and having the right type of wall cleaner have presented problems that many homeowners see as challenging and potentially too expensive to look at in detail. However, cleaning walls and render can be carried out very effectively. Issues such as green algae, efflorescence and general dirt and grime which are often seen on external walls can easily be resolved if you know how.

External walls on homes and commercial buildings are very exposed to the elements and can often look very unsightly from a distance. One of the biggest issues is the growth and spread of mould and algae which is mostly seen as green but may also appear black or various shades of orange. Algae generally appear when the walls are damp, so is more frequently seen during the winter and spring when there is more moisture in the air. Algae will grow on a damp surface whether a wall is painted or not. It will also get worse over time if it is not cleaned and treated with an effective wall mould cleaner. One treatment with a wall cleaner can quickly remove years of built-up grime and dirt as well as all types of algae.

Use Algae Remover To Stop Organic Growth On Your Walls

At StoneCare4U we have formulated Essential Algae Remover which is frequently used as a fast-acting wall mould cleaner. It is a high-performance algae cleaner specially formulated to get rid of persistent algae deposits, green slime and other organic deposits. It can be used as a wall cleaner on all types of walls, including brickwork, masonry and render.

Coating Walls For Extra Protection

One of the most popular coatings for walls that have appeared over the last 30 years or so is K Rend. K rend is generally a catch-all term for all types of render used on properties both domestic and commercial. It has been used extensively across the UK & Ireland for a wide range of building projects, mainly because its classified as weatherproof and quick and cheap to install. The problem with K rend and other types of render is that it is not waterproof and can quickly start to attract dirt and surface grime. When it has been used extensively on new housing developments these problems have multiplied and the whole development can look old and tired in a short space of time. Essential Algae Remover can also be used as a render cleaner or more specifically as a k render cleaner. One or two treatments of this powerful wall cleaner can quickly get rid of unsightly dirt and algae on all types of render. Although it is very effective as a wall cleaner, it will not stop the re-growth of algae if the same wall is left exposed to the elements through the winter months. A brick sealer or concrete sealer can help to prevent the regrowth of algae on walls just by making the surface impervious to water. However, the structure of k rend makes it difficult to seal effectively so an application of k rend cleaner should be used now and again.

One other issue with walls and brickwork in particular is efflorescence. Efflorescence is also know as brick salts and can often appear on external brickwork or paving for no apparent reason. Its not easy to remove either as it can reappear in the same spot despite cleaning the brickwork with an efflorescence remover. To ensure efflorescence is kept in check, the periodic use of efflorescence remover is advisable. Once it has been removed we also suggest sealing the brickwork with a brick sealer which will make the bricks water resistant which in turn will help slow down the growth of algae. If bricks are sealed with a brick sealer, a wall cleaner will only be required occasionally and in exceptional circumstances.

Prior to application of a wall cleaner or render cleaner make sure you have adequate personal protection as most types of wall cleaner can have toxic ingredients that should not be allowed to dwell on unprotected human skin. Suitable gloves as well as protective eye wear are sensible precautionary measures that should be taken prior to applying the wall cleaner.

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