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A good quality mould remover enables you to make any “mould issues” a thing of the past. It is highly potent and simple to use. It can be used as a mould remover for walls or as a mould remover for bathroom tiles.

Let StoneCare4U become your ally in the fight against unpleasant and unsightly mould. Our unique formulas are free from any ingredients that can damage the surface to which they are applied. Let the battle with that horrible mould begin!

Mould Is A Living Organism

Mould is a living organism and a common problem. It tends to appear in areas of dampness and high levels of condensation within homes. The most frequently seen variety is black mould which should be treated as soon as it starts to appear. It is generally caused by excess moisture. This can be a result of a number of things; leaking pipes, rising damp, lack of wall insulation and damage around window frames. A mould remover should always be used to eliminate this common problem as it can cause a number of health issues if left unchecked.  Furthermore, a mould cleaner can kill mould as well as clean the walls in bathrooms and showers. Importantly, this makes for a much healthier environment.

Mould Remover For Walls

Everyday activities such as showering, bathing, washing-up, cleaning and cooking can cause dampness in properties which can lead to a build-up of condensation. In addition to this, indoor plants and aquariums can also cause dampness and result in a build-up of condensation. In most cases, mould is not an immediate health issue. However, if left without the problem being addressed, the mould spores can cause health issues especially for people with asthma and other respiratory conditions.

If the mould appears on internal walls and wallpaper, a mould remover for walls should be used to eliminate the problem. In addition to using a mould cleaner, every attempt should be made to ventilate the property in future to prevent the mould from reappearing. Although there are many different strains of mould and some are more harmful than others, it is best not to take any chances. Use an effective mould remover whenever it appears!

Mould Remover For Bathrooms

A mould remover for bathrooms is often used on the mould that appears on grout around showers and sinks. Essential Grout Mould Cleaner can be used as an effective mould remover when mould can be seen growing on grouting. It’s important to use the product before the mould or mildew gets too firmly attached to the grout. Once this happens it may be difficult to completely remove the mould from the grout and some residual staining may still be present. If repeated use of a mould cleaner does not have the desired end result, it’s best to use grout paint. Essential Perfect Grout Treatment is best-used to recolour the stained grout. Although in most cases a mould remover should do the trick, the use of grout paint to disguise mould stains on grouted tile joints can make the job easier.

Installing A Dehumidifier Can Help

If mould becomes a continuous issue around a property there are a few preventative measures that should be introduced prior to using a mould remover. If you can stop the problem in the first instance, it certainly makes sense and can help avoid any potential health problems arising from the spread of green growth spores in the air. Installing a dehumidifier in areas affected by condensation can help and so can anti-mildew paint. But the best advice is always to keep the property well ventilated. Opening a few windows to let air circulate in a home is the easiest way to stop mould appearing and make problematic mould a thing of the past.

Mould Remover Products

500 ml
£18.95 inc. VAT
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page


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