StoneCare4U are suppliers of masonry cleaning products for residential and commercial use. Our masonry cleaner can help you remove dirt from your brickwork. Both stone and masonry are covered with small holes. Over time germs and dirt can get into these holes, changing how the material appears. Often stonework can appear dull and discoloured. Worse still, tiny algae can set up residence, slowly damaging and discolouring it over time.

Masonry that is no longer in its original condition can look bad. Furthermore, it’s often a sign that there is something wrong with the building.

Stone and masonry cleaner and the use of cleaning chemicals. These remove organics from your masonry and help your brick and masonry surfaces look like new again.

Why Use Masonry Cleaner?

Masonry cleaner isn’t like other cleaning products. Many cleaners work by removing the top layer of dirt from a piece of material, allowing those further down to show through. But with masonry, it’s different. Removing the top layer of dirt and grime from masonry simply reveals a new layer that has holes. Unfortunately, this allows the process to start all over again. Simply washing masonry and removing the top layer wears it down over time.

The purpose of masonry cleaning products, therefore, is to eliminate foreign compounds that adversely affect the aesthetic of the brickwork but without removing any masonry in the process.

There are two common types of masonry cleaner that we offer here at StoneCare4U. These include algae remover and efflorescence remover.

Essential Algae Remover

Algae is a microorganism that can live in a variety of extreme environments, including masonry. While algae itself is harmless, it can stain your brickwork and make your property appear less attractive from the outside. Most homeowners would prefer to live in accommodation free from green algae streaks.

Masonry cleaner contains special chemicals that remove unsightly algae while keeping masonry intact. What’s more, you don’t have to do any scrubbing or spraying. All you need to do is put the algae remover on the affected area. It’ll then get to work immediately. Sit back and wait for it to take effect – it’s that simple. On top of that, it’s entirely safe around both pets and children, making it ideal for busy family environments.

Efflorescence And Salts Acid Remover

Salts Acid Remover is the cleaner to remove limescale deposits and heavy calcium from masonry and brickwork. Calcium and limescale deposits show up as unsightly white streaks. You can find them on brickwork, patios and driveways. Usually, you see it in places where water has a chance to evaporate and leave behind a residue.

If you’re looking for the best masonry cleaner, you’ve come to the right place. Our Essential Efflorescence Remover dissolves calcium and limescale deposits while leaving the rest of the masonry unaffected. All you need to do is put the cleaning agent on your areas of masonry with unwanted deposits. Then, the cleaner will do the rest. It can complete the job in around ten to fifteen minutes.

Choose our masonry cleaning products today, and give your property a new lease of life.

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