It can be difficult to permanently remove efflorescence from paving or brickwork. This is because as the visible efflorescence is removed from the surface, more can appear a short while later. StoneCare4U’s Efflorescence Remover is an effective solution that can be re-applied whenever necessary and we believe we have this problem solved. Please note, it is NOT to be used on or as a natural stone cleaner as it could result in a loss of colour.

Efflorescence (powdery surface whiteness) is a very common sight on walls and paving across the UK. It is caused by the transfer of natural salts present on the surface from inside to outside. It usually appears on various forms of brickwork. You may find it present in natural and manmade surfaces and it is usually regarded as a cosmetic issue only.

Removing Efflorescence On Brickwork

Many properties are affected by its appearance as it can be very unsightly. People can then be frustrated at its reluctance to disappear. Multiple attempts might be required to permanently remove it as the salts are held within the substrate. Surfaces that retain a high level of moisture are likely to suffer the most.

The efflorescence will eventually disappear if left untreated, but this process is likely to take many months, if not years. It is impossible to work out to what degree the condition is present, so either a great deal of patience or multiple treatments could be required to eradicate the issue.

StoneCare4U’s Essential Efflorescence Remover dissolves the salts. It can be used on surfaces such as terracotta, bricks, masonry, porcelain and concrete. Please always apply to a test area first because applying it to natural stone can cause discolouration.

 Application is best by sprayer ensuring goggles, gloves and mask are worn. It is ready to use and should not be diluted.

Efflorescence Remover Starts Working Straight Away

StoneCare4U’s Efflorescence Remover starts working straight away.  It is advised to rinse the surface after around 10 minutes to avoid permanent damage. On surfaces suffering from heavy contamination, the product will quickly start to ‘fizz’ as it dissolves the salts. It can be re-applied at any time, but always remember to wash it away and rinse down surrounding areas.

In future, the application of a breathable brick sealer, natural stone sealer, patio sealer or block paving sealer should be considered. The application of the correct type of sealer will reduce or eliminate any more salts reaching the surface.

Our Efflorescence Remover is acid-based, therefore it can discolour certain types of natural stone. On concrete-based materials such as block paving, paving slabs or brickwork, it won’t damage the surface as long as the product is rinsed away properly, If you need any further advice before using this product, please get in touch.

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