Efflorescence on paving or brickwork can be notoriously difficult to permanently remove. This is because as the visible efflorescence is removed from the surface of the substrate, more can ‘weep’ through from the paving or bricks a short while later.

Stonecare4u Essential Efflorescence Remover is an effective ‘ready to use’ solution that can be re-applied whenever necessary. NOT to be used on Natural Stone as it could cause a loss of colour.

Efflorescence (surface whiteness) is a very common sight on walls and paving across the UK. It generally appears quickly on the surface of various forms of newly laid paving or brickwork where moisture is present.

Technically efflorescence on the surface of building materials is caused by the migration of natural salts already present within a porous substrate. Inside the material the salts will be suspended within moisture and as the substrate dries out it will form a salty looking coating on the surface of the material. This phenomenon can be present in natural and manmade products, generally it is just regarded as a cosmetic issue, but can occasionally be an indication of a structural issue with the product.

Although technically rarely an issue, cosmetically it really can be very unsightly. Many prestigious commercial and residential properties are blighted by its appearance and clients left frustrated at its reluctance to disappear. It is also important to remember that as a natural phenomenon held within the substrate, that multiple attempts might be required to permanently remove it. Surfaces that retain a high left of moisture are likely to suffer to the greatest degree.

If left untreated, over time the efflorescence will eventually disappear, but this process is likely to take many months and in many cases years. It is virtually impossible to work out to what degree the condition is present, so either a great deal of patience or multiple treatments will most like be required to eradicate the issue.

StoneCare4u efflorescence remover will dissolve the salts created from calcium and limescale. It can also be used on acid resistant surfaces including terracotta, bricks, masonry, clay, porcelain, concrete, ceramic tiles and porcelain. Please note application to surfaces such as natural stone or granite can cause discolouration, so always apply to a test area first.

It is ready to use and should not be diluted or mixed with other materials. Application is best by sprayer ensuring safety wear, goggles and gloves are worn at all times.

Efflorescence Remover Starts Working Straight Away

Stonecare4u efflorescence remover is formulated to start working straight away and once applied, to avoid permanent damage, it is advised to rinse the surface thoroughly after around 10 minutes. On surfaces suffering with heavy contamination, the product will quickly start to ‘fizz’ as it dissolves the salts. For areas of heavy contamination, it can be re-applied at any time, but always remember to wash it away and rinse down surrounding areas and it will really help you with removing efflorescence.

Because the efflorescence is present within the substrate to varying degrees, frustratingly it could appear once again after a short period of time. To reduce the possibility of this happening, the application of a breathable brick sealer, natural stone sealer, patio sealer or block paving sealer should be considered.  The application of the correct type of sealer will greatly reduce or possibly eliminate any more efflorescence leeching through to the surface of the substrate.

Once again because our efflorescence remover is a acid based product, it can discolour certain types of natural stone.  On Concrete based materials such as block paving, paving slabs or brickwork as long as the product is rinsed away after use there is no risk of it damaging the material. If you need any further advice before using this product or to check whether it is compatible with your surface, please get in touch.

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