StoneCare4U Brick Cleaner provides the solution to all the issues normally associated with cleaning bricks or walls. Efflorescence or salts weeping through your bricks? We have the perfect brick acid cleaner to remove mortar or cement residue. If you have algae or green growth on the brickwork, that’s easy. Take a look at our range below.

Bricks have been used in construction for centuries across the UK and all over the world. They are incredibly versatile and can be used for many different purposes. In addition, they can also be very aesthetically pleasing. However, like all external hard surfaces bricks do need cleaning from time to time to ensure they stay in good condition. Using a good quality cleaner for brickwork can certainly help to keep it looking presentable at all times.

Brick types

Bricks can be seen everywhere and although mostly used externally, many properties now have bricks used for internal feature walls. Moreover, there are various types of bricks ranging from facing bricks, common burnt clay bricks, engineering bricks, concrete bricks and sand-lime bricks, for example. Facing bricks are the most popular in the UK and have been used for thousands of years. Primarily used on external walls of a building they are often used because they look good. Engineering bricks are very strong and have low water absorption and are often used in areas like manholes, sewers and retaining walls where resistance to water penetration is important. Every brick type has its use and there is no one type that suits every purpose. It’s often a case of personal choice combined with cost as some are significantly more expensive than others.

Brick acid cleaner removes efflorescence

A brick cleaner should be used to clean dirt and muck accumulated on the surface, as all types of brick will get dirty over time. Although dirt and grime will generally come off quite easily if a decent cleaner is used, issues like efflorescence, mortar and cement deposits present problems of their own. Efflorescence is the accumulation of salt deposits on brickwork. It can look quite unsightly and it often appears unexpectedly. A brick acid cleaner often sold as an efflorescence remover can remove efflorescence quickly, but it may reappear over time. If this happens, a repeated application of the brick acid cleaner may be required now and again to remove the efflorescence. Essential Brick Acid Cleaner from StoneCare4U can be used to remove efflorescence as well as mortar and cement residues plus calcium and limescale deposits.

Brick acid cleaner

If you are considering using brick acid to clean brickwork, it’s important to take care and wear appropriate protective clothing such as gloves at all times. A brick acid cleaner will dissolve cement and mortar stains on bricks so it will certainly burn unprotected skin. So, considering health and safety during use should be paramount. If you are thinking of using a brick acid, it’s important to read the application guidelines and follow them closely.

Do You Need Essential Green Away?

If green growth or algae is the main issue, it would be best to use an alkaline brick cleaner or biocide to kill organic growth. Essential Algae Remover is a fast-acting alkaline-based cleaner that can be used on brickwork, render and other hard surfaces. This would be where dirt, grime and algae growth are an issue. If you are looking for a brick cleaner primarily to kill algae or green growth then the Green Growth Remover can be used. One application of this fast-acting biocide will soon kill any green growth or algae present on the surface of the bricks. Consequently, within 3 to 4 weeks the issue should be resolved.

To minimise maintenance in future, we strongly recommend applying StoneCare4U’s Brick Sealer.

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