Sandstone is a very popular, versatile material that is widely laid internally and externally. It is hard not to be impressed by the vast array of beautiful blends of colour and finishes in which Sandstone is naturally created. Its one major drawback can be the porous nature of the material which makes regular maintenance and cleaning often essential. An application of Indian sandstone sealer can help protect the surface. The sandstone paving sealer will help protect against dirt, algae and general staining.

Indian Sandstone Sealer

StoneCare4U range of Essential Sandstone sealers are highly effective, easy to apply and available at unbeatable prices. We have every kind of product you are looking for, from a dry,’ invisible’ sealer to a subtle ‘satin’ finish or a ‘colour boost’ wet look. Solvent and odour free our sandstone sealers are the best way to protect and enhance your Sandstone.

As homeowners look for more creative ideas when it comes to having a patio laid, natural stone and especially sandstone has become an increasingly popular choice. However, sandstone is a very porous substrate and can quickly get covered in various types of algae attracted by the moisture in the stone. Use algae remover and clean the sandstone before sealing. Once all algae are removed the best way to inhibit the growth of algae and lichen again on a sandstone patio is to use a sandstone sealer. The sandstone paving sealer will make the surface of the stone water-resistant which in turn will slow down the growth and spread of algae.

Sandstone Paving Sealer for Lasting Protection to Patios & Floors

Although there are many other types of natural stone, such as limestone, granite, travertine to name a few, the most widely used is sandstone. More often than not it is referred to as Indian sandstone as most of the original products originated from India. It is seen as highly decorative and can have a distinct natural colouring that can look stunning in a garden setting. Many landscapers persuade homeowners to use sandstone for their patios because it can look so nice once it is first laid. However, what the landscapers often fail to mention is the ongoing problems that can be expected in trying to keep it clean and free from lichen and algae. The best solution and what every landscaper should be advising their customers is to have a sandstone patio sealer applied. This can be done quickly after the installation of the patio using a sprayer or roller and can have positive protective effects on the surface. It really makes sense because making the surface impervious to water penetration can inhibit the spread of algae which loves to grow on damp surfaces.

If you are considering using a sandstone sealer there are a number of options available which can change the look of the surface to how you like it. When it is first laid sandstone can be a variety of colour shades that look great when damp or wet but sometimes a bit dull and washed out when dry. At StoneCare4U we recognise that many homeowners like a colour enhancing effect which can be achieved with the right Indian sandstone sealer and we can advise on the right product for you. The Essential Sandstone Sealer Colour Boost will provide a colour enhancing effect that will bring out the natural colours on the surface. This is generally the preferred option for homeowners as it will make the surface look damp and at the same time intensify some of the original colours in the stone. If a wet look finish is desirable then the Essential Sandstone Sealer Satin Finish will not only enhance the colours, it will also make the surface look like it is wet. This ‘satin’ effect is becoming more and more popular with homeowners as they look to make their patio and garden areas really stand out.

Sometimes homeowners like their patios to remain unchanged once they have been laid and although they want a sandstone sealer applied, they want to retain the original look. This dry or invisible look can be achieved by using the Essential Sandstone Sealer Matt Finish which is more of an impregnator. This type of sealer will soak into the surface without having a ‘coating’ effect but is highly protective and also stain resistant. Ultimately, the choice is yours but you can proceed to know StoneCare4U have all the desired finishes available to make any patio area look stunning.

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