Marble is a beautiful and luxurious flooring material. For this reason, it is well worth protecting. Blindly applying sealers for marble floors can be counterproductive. But when you get it right, you can protect your assets and add value to your home. A sealer for marble floors can make a dull floor look like new.

What Is A Marble Sealer?

Essentially it is a finishing product that applies a protective layer to marble. Marble is a natural stone that is prone to wear and tear. Over time, deep grooves can appear. Furthermore, the stone is also susceptible to penetration by water. Tea, coffee, water and wine spills can damage it if it is not protected.

A sealer creates a barrier between the marble and the outside world. Water and other liquids cannot get through and damage the marble underneath. What’s more, the sealer is completely transparent and invisible when applied. Thus, it helps you keep the beautiful appearance of your floors.

Why You Should Use A Sealer For Marble Floors?

There are numerous reasons why you should use a sealer for marble floors.

Reduce Efflorescence

Efflorescence is a type of gritty deposit. You most often see it on bathroom floors and wall tiles. The substance is mostly tiny shards of minerals. These minerals, however, can be unsightly. Worse still, they can stick to marble floors.

A sealer, however, prevents this from happening. It creates a barrier that fights efflorescence, keeping your marble looking its best.

But if efflorescence already exists on the surfaces then you’ll need to remove it first as the sealer cannot be applied on top of efflorescence. Try using an efflorescence remover to make sure your surface is ready to be sealed.

Reduce Staining

The marble sealer should reduce staining. While staining happens most frequently on marble surfaces in the kitchen, it can happen elsewhere too. The bathroom, bedroom and living room are all vulnerable to stains. If stains can penetrate the marble tiles, they can cause permanent damage. A sealer, therefore, prevents this from happening, stopping water- and oil-based stains in their tracks.

Protect Outdoor Marble

Outdoor marble has to withstand the elements. However, like other natural stones, ice, wind, and rain can damage it. Sealer products help to keep outdoor marble surfaces looking their best. They protect against acid rain and prevent blemishes.

In addition, they also protect against freeze-thaw ice damage. A sealer prevents water from getting into cracks, expanding while freezing and degrading the material.

When Should You Use A Sealer On Marble Surfaces?

Marble is a natural material, offering a unique aesthetic. Ideally, you want to keep it that way.

When considering a sealer, you need to contemplate two factors. First, will the marble absorb it? Because marble is natural, absorption rates can vary a lot. Some marble can absorb products, other types can’t. Marble sealers will only work if the marble can absorb the liquid. If it can’t, then it won’t be effective.

Second, consider the likelihood of staining. The top companies always instruct customers to check the possibility of staining. You only need to use a sealer where there is a high risk of spillage. Thus, you do not need to apply a sealer to all the marble surfaces in your home.

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