Green Growth Removal does not have to be the problem it was years ago. StoneCare4U Essential Green Away is the proven way to remove green growth from any surface. Once applied it will not only remove the green growth but act as a preventative that can also be used as part of any maintenance programme. Its unique biodegradable formula enables fast and effective removal of green growth from any hard surface, without risk of harm to other forms of vegetation, pets and wildlife. Furthermore, if used as a green growth remover for tarmac, it is just as effective as a green growth remover for roofs

Climatic conditions across the United Kingdom produce perfect conditions for green growth to flourish. Further, green growth will form on any surface where a combination of moisture and porosity exists. Green Growth remover kills green growth and can also be used as a preventative.

Above all, remember that whatever type of external surface you are applying the product to should be as dry as possible. The reason is that the plant remains quite dormant and greatly reduces in size when it is dry. Applying the product when the plant is dry will automatically lead to it being absorbed readily into its roots. This enables the product to work far more effectively.

Apply When The Surface Is Dry!

That is to say, very little or nothing will be retained within the plant or the roots if applied when the green growth is soaking wet. So, regardless of dilution rates, it will be largely ineffective. Therefore, don’t use a green growth remover for roofs if rain is forecast within 4 hours! If used as a green growth killer for tarmac surfaces the surface needs to be dry prior to application.

House roofs are where you often find the largest and deepest infestations of the plant. Older concrete tiles that might well be in excess of 30 years old are the most vulnerable. This is because over the years the protective layer on the tiles has been worn away by the elements. This leaves them retaining consistent amounts of moisture.

Green Growth Remover For Roofs

When planning to use a green growth remover for roofs, we would advise considering how much of the plant is present. In addition, over what time frame do you need the product to work? If there is literally a ‘carpet’ present it is advised to use the product at a minimal 3 to 1 dilution. Certainly, to ensure that the product reaches and is absorbed into the roots, the green growth will need to be saturated. Therefore, coverage by pump sprayer is recommended at approximately 1 litre to 3 m². You will see the plant turn brown and start to become detached from the tiles over the following days and weeks.

Dead green growth can be retained in the gutters when the green growth falls off, so to avoid it potentially blocking drains it is recommended to ‘cap off’ or disconnect your guttering downpipes after application. This process could take anything from a few days to several weeks for the green growth to be fully removed. The rule of thumb is that the stronger and more liberally the product is applied, the better the results. In future, using the product diluted at 1 part Green Growth Remover to 10 parts water will act as a preventative. Timescales vary (1 to 2 years is average), but we would suggest at the early stages of green algae starting to form to re-apply the product.

In addition, looking to the future, roof tiles can be sealed using sealers such as our Essential Concrete Sealer to prevent green growth, lichen and algae from taking hold on top of the tiles in future.

Removing Green Growth From Driveways, Patios & Walls

For treatments of other surfaces around the home such as driveways, patios and walls the process is much simpler and easier to control. Generally applying the product with a dilution rate of 1 to 5 will be very effective, but remember again that above all, this needs to be applied in dry conditions. With all other forms of external surfaces, the same principle applies to roof tiles. In other words, as they get older the original protective layer or weather resistance is less effective or completely removed. Therefore, the plant finds it easy to colonise and flourish.

Green Growth Removal Tarmac

We advise that if you are planning to refurbish your tarmac, pre-treating the surface with Essential Green Away several days prior to cleaning will help remove green growth from the surface. This is because if a powerful pressure washer is used whilst the roots of the plants are attached to the tarmac, surface damage is likely to occur.

The use of a basic pump sprayer or watering can is all that is required to apply the product, whichever form of surface is being treated. This is because the product is biodegradable and will not damage the normal seals on spraying devices. Treated in isolation the product will not damage grass or plants. However, it is always recommended to soak ‘runoffs’ or potential overspray areas with water before and after use to thoroughly dilute any product which does get onto unwanted areas. When applying by sprayer, average coverage will be around 4 m² per litre. In conclusion, after cleaning it is certainly worth protecting and beautifying the surface and putting the colour back into the tarmac with Essential Black Tarmac Sealer.

A Non-Acid Formula

Importantly, no acid-based ingredients are used in the formula of the product. This means there is no risk of damage to the surface or mortared joints if present. That is the case for however long the product remains present.

Essential Green Away can be used 12 months a year but not when the green growth is soaking wet. Also, avoid using in very high temperatures, particularly in direct sunlight. In this case, the product is likely to evaporate before soaking into the plant.

If you are looking for a longer-term solution to green growth and reduced maintenance, then it is worth considering the application of one of StoneCare4U’s sealers. These will re-introduce the protective layer that was once present and reduce porosity. Remember, without consistent moisture being present, the plant cannot flourish or grow. Please take a look around our website for complimentary products and for advice, get in touch.

When using the product, dilution rates can vary widely. This depends on the level of contamination and for what period it has been left untreated.

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