Essential Roof Cleaner

£36.95£94.95 inc. VAT

Essential Roof Cleaner Is A Professional Outdoor Roofing Cleaner.

Apply It To The Roof Area And Without Mechanical Agitation, It Will Eliminate Grime, Green Growth, Algae & Lichen From Your Roofing.

ESSENTIAL ROOF CLEANER is a high-performance formula tailored for roof cleaning. It is also suitable for all outdoor stone & masonry surfaces. Apply and leave on the roof, it works to remove roof algae, green growth and grime even if the roof hasn’t been cleaned for years!

Essential Roof Cleaner’s acid-free, alkaline-based solution won’t damage roofing materials, it only attacks the organic matter. Apply neat for instant results on heavy contamination, or apply 1:4 for less dirty areas – it’s outstanding value for money.