StoneCare4U Essential Slate Sealer is the easiest way to keep your beautiful slate looking great and easy to look after. Available in an array of finishes, all of our slate sealers are formulated with DIY customers in mind. Simply apply by sponge, roller or brush and watch your slate become protected and simple to maintain. Our range includes a slate patio sealer, slate tile sealer and slate floor sealer. We have everything you need to make your slate floor or patio looking like new.

A Durable Sealer

Just like all of StoneCare4U Essential range, our sealers are safe to use, inside or outside the home. Free from unpleasant solvents and harmful chemicals our sealers for slate are durable, hardwearing and widely used by professional contractors.

Slate is becoming very popular in the UK as homeowners increasingly opt to have it laid for patio areas as well as internal floors. Although it is quite a dense substrate and not as porous as other popular types of natural stone, it is also generally advisable to have it sealed with a slate sealer for ongoing protection. A slate patio sealer can enhance the look and appearance of slate patios and floors as well as provide lasting protection to the surface.

A Multiple-Use Slate Tile Sealer

Slate is a type of fine-grained metamorphic rock often used widely in building in landscaping and building for use on floors, patios and roofs. Most slates are various shades of grey ranging from very dark shades of grey to very light grey. The depth of colour is often determined by the amount of iron and organic material that is present in the composition of the slate. It is a very hard-wearing material due to it being a very dense substrate and is the preferred choice for use as roofing tiles as it can easily be cut into thin sheets.

Because slate is quite dense, it is generally not very porous and quite resistant to frost penetration. However, it can be quite expensive compared to other roofing materials like concrete and clay and is often seen on higher-end building projects because of this.

If it is used for the installation of a roof, we would generally advise applying a slate tile sealer to ensure durability and help prevent deterioration. The slate tile sealer will make the tiles resistant to water penetration and help to resist the growth of algae and lichen which can grow on unsealed slate roof tiles.

Applying A Slate Patio Sealer

A patio is generally regarded as a feature area within a garden and is where many homeowners spend a great deal of time, especially in the warmer months. Furthermore, natural stone is being laid more and more on patio areas as it can be used to create some amazing designs that add to the aesthetic look of a patio area. The durability of slate makes it ideally suited for use on an external patio area and can certainly enhance the look once laid. However, like most external surfaces, the slate will get dirty over time and although will not deteriorate as quickly as sandstone it will deteriorate nonetheless. To ensure the slate looks nice at all times, some aspect of regular cleaning always helps followed by the application of a slate patio sealer. A slate patio sealer from StoneCare4U is also available in various finishes. Essential Slate Sealer Matt Finish will leave the slate patio in its natural state and will not alter the appearance of the surface. However, many homeowners prefer their slate patios to look darker and this can be achieved by applying the Slate Sealer Colour Boost or the Slate Sealer Satin Finish. These types of slate patio sealer will both darken and enhance the natural colouring of the slate and in the case of the satin finish will provide a slight wet look effect.

When used Internally, slate is often used on floors, especially in hallways, kitchens and conservatories. The durable nature of slate, as well as its appealing look, makes it a perfect type of natural stone to be laid internally. However, dirt and grime can soon affect the look of a slate floor, so some aspects of cleaning and maintenance should be looked at so the floor stays looking nice and is something to be proud of. A slate floor sealer can help protect the surface and make ongoing maintenance that much easier. Once a slate floor sealer has been applied it can make the surface more resistant to staining and help to make it easier to clean in the future. This is important as slate is generally expensive to have laid so protecting it from deterioration should be a key consideration at all times.

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