StoneCare4U Essential Concrete Sealer is the easy way to stop moisture from penetrating into any concrete floor, drive, shed or workshop base. Our advanced technology impregnating sealer is a non-solvent formula that can be safely applied to internal or external concrete surfaces. If you need a concrete sealer for driveway, paths or patios we have the right product. Moreover, it will also work perfectly as a concrete floor sealer.

Our Essential Concrete Sealer will penetrate into the porous concrete and provide an invisible barrier, that does not change the appearance of the material to which it is applied.

Concrete Floor Sealer

Widely used in countless forms throughout the building industry, we all know concrete is extremely hard-wearing, but it’s not indestructible! Like any other type of surface, if it is not cared for correctly, it can be susceptible to damage. Our products are designed to protect vertical and horizontal surfaces, internally or externally.

The most common cause of problems with concrete is caused by moisture penetration. if water gets into the material and freezes, it starts to remove very small flakes from the surface. This ‘flaking’ will generally start to occur during the first winter that the concrete is exposed to and, without protection, continuous degradation of the material can set in. If the material is exposed to de-icing salts, this can accelerate the damage and contribute to more severe damage.

Likewise, some types of aggregate in the concrete will also create a chemical reaction that causes expansion and cracking. Most commonly it is the reactive silica in the aggregate reacting with the alkalis and moisture that cause this issue. Other problems that occur include ‘blistering’ where air and water seep into the substrate. If concrete is properly finished and sealed correctly when first laid, this can be easily avoided.

Issues with cracking can be caused by a number of factors. These include:

  • Insufficient sub-base
  • Poorly compacted sub base
  • Too thin a slab or floor or the wrong mix of concrete used
  • If the material is laid in the wrong conditions and dries out too quickly, it can be weak and susceptible to cracking.

Concrete Sealer For Driveway

StoneCare4U concrete sealer is multi-purpose and can be used as a floor sealer, walls sealer and driveways sealer, it can even be utilized on warehouse, shed or garage floors. However, it is most frequently used as a concrete sealer for driveway surfaces around a home. Importantly, remember this product is highly water-resistant but is not formulated with a high level of stain resistance. If you require a product more resistant to other liquids such as oil, icing salts, wine and other foodstuffs please get in touch. For example, for these reasons, we would not recommend using this product as a concrete worktop sealer. This formula is also not recommended for use as a  concrete dust-proofer. For this type of protection, a product that contains ‘glue’ type ingredients that sit on the surface of the substrate would be required.

The application of a concrete floor sealer cannot be guaranteed to fully resolve any problems with the material, but can certainly reduce future deterioration and help with maintenance. StoneCare4U concrete sealer is highly water repellent, with the majority of issues caused by moisture penetrating into the substrate. If the product is going to be applied to new concrete it must be allowed to cure. Only apply once the material has been left to fully cured (7 – 30 days on average).

Concrete Sealer For Driveway

StoneCare4U’s sealers for concrete are formulated to impregnate into the porous voids and ‘veins’ within the floor/slab. By soaking into the vulnerable areas of the material and sealing from ‘the inside’ the product is at its most effective. On average a lifespan of 5 years is expected. When necessary, a light re-application of the product is recommended. All StoneCare4U products are designed with ease of application in mind. Importantly, make sure that before applying, the substrate is clean and dry. Any residual moisture just below the surface will restrict the penetration of the material and reduce its effectiveness and possibly cause a reaction, leaving a ‘milky film’ on the surface.

If required, conventional cleaning materials for concrete will not damage the material. If a pressure washer or large amounts of water are used during the cleaning process, always allow at least 2 days to dry. Remember that when unsealed, the substrate is probably very porous and any water that might have permeated into the porous material must fully evaporate, prior to sealing.

Coverage Ratios

Application ratios can vary greatly. ‘Tamped’ concrete floors, car parks, driveways, paths that are not fully screed and very porous, might require the product to be applied at around 3m² per litre. In comparison, on ‘power floated’ floors, with a very smooth or polished finish, coverage might be as high as 8-10 m² per litre. For best results, we would recommend applying one coat to ‘saturation’ and then a 2nd much lighter coat ‘wet on wet’. Dependent on air and floor temperature, the second coat needs to be applied before the first has become fully dry. Generally, we would suggest applying the second coat between 20-60 minutes after the first.

Unlike solvent-based sealers that can be very toxic and strong-smelling, StoneCare4U products are solvent-free and inhalation will not impart any significant health risk. When selecting a sealing product for internal or enclosed areas, this should be taken into consideration. It is always advisable to wear basic safety wear such as an odour mask. Chemical resistant gloves are also recommended.

Method of application: This can be via a sprayer, brush or roller. For large commercial areas, an airless sprayer can be used. The formula contains no harmful solvents, so conventional application tools can be used. Once an application has been completed, all tools can be simply cleaned with water, ready for future use. The sealer for concrete is designed not to noticeably change the appearance of the substrate. Any slight variation will become less noticeable over time. As with applying any sealing product, it is always recommended to test on a small area first to determine suitability.

The Benefits Of Sealing

Not only will sealing provide overall protection, if used externally it will greatly reduce maintenance. When routine maintenance is required it will be far easier. Most forms of organic growth can only survive where moisture is present. Therefore, by creating a moisture repellent surface, organic growth is minimised. Dirt, muck and everyday pollutants will become easy to remove with a general clean. This is because once the voids within the concrete are sealed and a protective film is present, the muck and pollutants will no longer attach themselves and get ‘ground into’ the surface. If low-pressure cleaning is required, normal household cleaning products can be used without the risk of damaging the sealer. It is advised to try and keep pressure washing to a minimum. Although this will not directly damage the sealer, it will reduce its lifespan.

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