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While concrete, tile and stone floors are attractive, they are also a hazard. The purpose of anti-slip treatments is to improve the frictional properties of the surface, reducing the chance of slips and falls. Anti-slip paint can be applied to improve the slip resistance on floors, driveways and patios. However, it may be necessary on occasions to lay an anti-slip tile for improved health and safety.

How Does Anti-Slip Work?

There are a variety of anti-slip treatments currently in use. Some methods use special paints, while others add grit to surfaces.

At StoneCare4U, we offer a special kind of product that prevents damage to your flooring. Our anti-slip changes the structure of your tiles, stonework or concrete microscopically. It helps to preserve the appearance of your tiles while improving their slip characteristics.

What Is Anti-Slip Paint?

Anti-slip paint is a particular type of paint that offers a high grip. Homeowners and companies often apply this kind of paint to high-risk areas. For instance, a business might put it on steps. Likewise, homeowners might apply it in the bathroom.

What Is An Anti-Slip Tile?

An anti-slip tile is a tile that provides extra slip resistance, even when wet. You often find these tiles in changing rooms and bathrooms. The idea is to reduce the risk of somebody slipping and hurting themselves.

Manufacturers create these tiles in many different ways. The good news, though, is that you don’t need to buy non-slip tiles outright. With quick treatment, you can improve the grip of your existing ones.

For outdoor areas that are walked on an anti-slip decking, a coating may be required as decking can get very slippery when wet. Furthermore, an anti-slip decking coating will give you peace of mind and help prevent accidents.

Why Use Non-Slip Products?

The main reason to use these products is to prevent injury. Many companies, for instance, use anti-slip solutions on hard flooring and surfaces prone to getting wet. Homeowners can benefit substantially too. Non-slip is ideal for making tiles less slippery, protecting children, the elderly and the vulnerable.

These products may also help to expand the lifespan of a floor. The coating helps to prevent abrasion that could lead to more frequent resurfacing.

Applying Non-Slip Products To Your Flooring

Applying to your flooring is easy.

First, makes sure that the area that you intend to treat is clean and dry. Make sure that there is no oil on your flooring or tiles.

Next, ensure that you are wearing the appropriate safety wear for the job. You’ll need gloves, eye protection, and a face mask.

After that, apply Slip-Stop on a small section. You want to make sure that the product does not have adverse effects on your flooring.

Next, use a mop or sponge to apply the product to the surface and leave for between three and ten minutes. Do not allow it to dry off.

Once the product has done its work, rinse it off before moving onto the next area. Make sure that you remove all of the product from the surface before you move on.

The length of time you should leave the product on your surfaces varies depending on the type of material. For ceramics, porcelain tiles, showers and baths, leave for three to ten minutes, monitoring continually. For stone and masonry, leave the product in place for five to ten minutes, again checking continually.

When applied correctly, anti-slip can help you dramatically improve safety standards. Whether it’s an anti-slip paint or an anti-slip decking coating, it’s worth applying for peace of mind.

Anti-Slip Products

2.5 Litre
5 Litre
£54.95£79.95 inc. VAT
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page


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