When it comes to keeping sandstone clean, there can be a world of difference between what type of Indian sandstone cleaner is required for a Sandstone floor, compared to a Sandstone patio, drive or associated surface.

We have an Indian sandstone cleaner that is specially formulated to remove stains, dirt, black mould, grime and algae from any form of internal or external sandstone. Simple, fast and affordable, the sandstone patio cleaner is all you need to help you keep your sandstone patio looking amazing.

Using sandstone paving for a patio, path or other external areas can create a stunning backdrop to a garden. However, not everybody realises the amount of upkeep required to keep most forms of sandstone looking good. Possibly this is because it has only become popular since about 2010.

This can be incredibly disappointing for homeowners! They find their amazing-looking sandstone quickly becomes consumed by black algae and dirt. These become ingrained into the surface. Algae is often mistaken for dirt: however, on closer inspection, it is easy to see that this is not the case! That is to say, everyday dirt and dust settling on the surface should be relatively easy to remove. However, that is rarely true with the various forms of algae and lichen that flourish in the UK climate. The microorganisms are alive and attach themselves to the surface of the sandstone. Once established, they can prove very resistant to all but the most effective specialist cleaners available. On the other hand, our Indian sandstone cleaner is one such highly effective product!

Cleaner For External Or Internal Sandstone

StoneCare4U has a highly effective Indian sandstone cleaner for any external or internal paving or flooring. The requirements for a cleaner for sandstone will vary depending on a number of factors. There is a vast difference in the sandstone patio cleaner required for removing black spots, dirt and algae from a 10-year-old neglected patio compared to an internal sandstone floor that is grubby and soiled by constant use.

Sandstone And Indian Sandstone Cleaners

That is why StoneCare4U have developed several types of specialist sandstone cleaners. They are formulated for every type of contamination and cleaning requirement. All of the products are available at an affordable price, with effectiveness and ease of application in mind.

StoneCare4U have developed unique formulations to help clean, seal and protect all types of sandstone. Our acid-free cleaners allow the surface to be easily cleaned. Meanwhile, our impregnating colour-enhancing or matt finish sandstone sealers create a water-resistant barrier. An additional benefit of applying a specialist sealer is the UV resistance it provides. Importantly, this helps reduce colour loss and surface degradation. Once the correct sandstone sealer is applied, any algae will just form and sit on the surface of the sandstone rather than becoming ingrained. Above all, this enables any maintenance needed to be less frequent and far easier.

The drawback of using sandstone as flooring or paving is the fact that it is quite a porous material. This leaves it susceptible to damage from staining and airborne micro bacteria. For this reason, it is not recommended for use as a floor in bathrooms or kitchens. The stone is also alkaline. As a result, when it comes into contact with any even mildly acid-based liquid, it will have a chemical reaction that can cause permanent staining. Externally, footfall, wind, rain and sun will take their toll. This causes it to wear and discolour over a surprisingly short period.

Sandstone Is Natural Stone

Across the world, sandstone is created from the soils and minerals of nature. This leads to stones of every colour from mid-tone whites, reds, browns, tans through to grey and charcoal being formed. Individually cut, every piece of stone is unique and contains many hues of colour. This gives architects, builders, flooring contractors and landscapers a fantastic opportunity to create a stunning floor or patio for their customers.

Upon excavation, sandstone has a rough, craggy textured surface. It undergoes a levelling process to turn it into a smoother finish known as “gauging.” This makes it suitable for external applications, but not overly slippery. For use as flooring, the process is intensified to help achieve a smoother honed surface. Because the stone is relatively soft and easy to work with, for internal use, it is possible to literally polish the material to create a totally flat and shiny polished tile.

All of these various types and finishes of sandstone will retain varying degrees of porosity. Therefore, regardless of the type of stone used, some degree of regular maintenance to keep the sandstone looking good is recommended. The term ‘little and often’ is certainly advisable when it comes to looking after sandstone. If applying a sandstone patio cleaner, check to ensure it is not acid based first as this could damage the surface.

Cleaner for Sandstone

When considering a cleaner for sandstone, make sure you avoid any product that contains acid. With an acid-based cleaner, there is the potential of the product ‘bleaching’ out colour from the stone. If this kind of damage occurs, it is very difficult if not impossible to rectify. Within our product range, we have everything from bio-degradable cleaners to surfactant (cleaning agent) based products. In addition, we have formulated intensive cleaners such as black spot remover for natural stone.

Before using any of the StoneCare4U products always ensure you read the label thoroughly and apply the materials with the correct application tools. The overall effectiveness of the product can frequently be influenced during its use. For instance, with some types of our cleaners for sandstone, they can be applied by sprayer and let nature do the rest. With others, working them into the sandstone with a soft broom will help achieve even better results.

Sandstone Cleaning Made Easy

There are several appreciable benefits of using a quality sandstone cleaner. It will not only make what can be a very time-consuming job far easier. It will also be far more effective and save a lot of time. It is very important to remember that no manufacturer or supplier of sandstone would recommend regular pressure washing or intensive cleaning of the stone. This is because using a powerful jet washer not only makes the sandstone more porous but also risks damaging the pointing. Once the already porous sandstone becomes even more porous, keeping it looking clean will prove even more difficult.

Although widely used by professional contractors, the StoneCare4U range of sandstone cleaners and sandstone sealers are formulated with the DIY consumer in mind. This is why they are all easy to use and apply without any specialist skill sets required. Importantly, if you need any advice or information before using our products, we are never far away. Just get in touch via our website or phone and we will be pleased to help.

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