Highly potent, StoneCare4U Essential Roof Cleaner will quickly strip away decades of muck and algae from any form of roof tile. After application, many customers are literally stunned when the original colours of their roof tiles or slates are revealed once again. The process could not be simpler, just apply, leave and quickly watch years of organic growth, pollutants and dirt just melt away. A roof cleaner for green growth can transform the look of roof tiles.

There are a few things to consider if you are looking to identify the correct roof cleaner for your tiles. Generally, as roofs and their tiles become older, they become more porous. Aesthetically this can cause a roof to suffer from two different issues. One is the build-up and infestation of green growth and the second one is unattractive algae, typically coloured black and green, that frequently covers roof tiles. A good roof tile cleaner can transform the look of old roof tiles.

Importantly, before purchasing any type of roof tile cleaner you need to decide whether the project is feasible as a DIY project. Or, will a professional contractor have to be employed? For instance, access and safety need to be considered. Traditionally the materials available locally and prevailing weather conditions would have been major factors in the overall roof design. Variations would include hipped, gable, flat and pitched. The most popular designs domestically are pitched, gabled or hipped.

Your Roof Is Important

Regardless of the material, it is constructed from, one of the most important parts of any property is the roof. It is essential that the roof and its tiles remain in good condition and protected from potential leaks. Commercial and residential properties’ roofs are constructed from a wide range of materials. These include concrete tiles, slate, clay, terracotta and various types of sheeting. All of these materials provide different challenges in terms of keeping them clean and attractive.

Formulated With DIY Customers In Mind

StoneCare4U products are formulated with DIY customers in mind and our roof cleaner products are no exception. However, the difference here, of course, is that not everybody (myself included) would feel safe trying to apply the products safely whilst standing on the top of a ladder. If at all possible it is best to try and use the roof cleaner without having to walk on the tiles or slates.

There is the potential for some kind of damage to occur anytime the roof is walked on or cleaned using a pressure washer. All of the StoneCare4U roof cleaning products will work very well without the use of a pressure washer. The products contain no acid-based ingredients and will not damage any concrete, slate or clay tile in any way.

Methods Of Application

Once you have decided on the best method of application, choosing the correct product for your roof is your next consideration. Structurally, it’s only green growth that is a major cause for concern. For example, a build-up of green growth, which holds significant amounts of water can create unwelcome stresses on tiles and joists. Large amounts of organic matter can also cause issues with blocked gutters and downpipes. In addition, the build-up of black lichen and various forms of algae can be very unsightly.

Our products offer the complete solution to keeping all external aspects of a property clean and free from green growth and algae. Many of our customers use all three of our dedicated roof products to keep their property in optimum condition. Firstly, our roof cleaner for tiles will simply and rapidly remove years of dirt and grime. Secondly, our green growth remover will treat the roots and spores of the plant guaranteeing a safe, fast and effective solution. For green algae and as a preventative, our algae cleaner gives effective protection against further contamination and growth.

A roof that requires regular maintenance usually has two major characteristics. Firstly, one with a very shallow pitch or secondly, tiles that through age have become very porous. Either of these scenarios creates the perfect environment for organic growth to flourish. Importantly, our products are safe to use and easy to apply with just standard garden sprayers.

Roof Cleaner For Green Growth

When using our green growth remover the best method is to first dilute the product. Then apply to the tiles and leave nature and time to do the rest. This technique might take a few months but eventually, all the green growth will die off and organically break down.  During the process, it is advisable to ‘box off’ the downpipes on the roof with gutter plugs. This stops the dead green growth from washing into the downpipes. The dead green growth can periodically be simply removed from the gutters with the gutter plugs in place.

Stonecare4u’s dedicated roof cleaner for green growth works quickly and effectively. It will break down all organic growth on the roof including algae whilst cleaning at the same time. Above all, this product helps to keep the overall roof cleaning process simple and avoids the use of a pressure washer.

The formulation of our roof tile cleaner varies greatly from our green growth remover! Therefore, please ensure that the label and all relevant applications are thoroughly read before applying. If you are considering doing the work yourself, safety is of paramount importance. When working from ladders always ensure that basic safety procedures are followed at all times. Above all, make sure your ladder is always supported by a second person.

How to Stop the Problem Re-Occurring

Once your roof is free from green growth or algae, it should be very easy to stop the problem from re-occurring.  Although green growth and algae will really thrive on older tiles, generally, a bi-annual treatment with our green growth remover will be all that is required to keep the contaminants at bay. Subsequently, when used as part of a maintenance programme they can be diluted at far greater ratios than those originally used. In most cases, dilution rates at around 1-6 or 1-8 should be all that is required.

Roofs can be cleaned in all but the harshest weather conditions. It is always advisable to avoid windy days and for best results apply the products when the tiles and green growth are relatively dry. This will ensure the products are absorbed into the roots of the green growth and the cleaner soaks into the tiles. Temperatures between around 8 – 20°C are ideal. There is a risk of the products evaporating before they have had a chance to work properly if applied when the weather is too warm!

Safety First

If you decide to apply any products using a sprayer, always make sure you are wearing goggles and adequate safety wear. You never know when a hose on the sprayer could burst or you get caught out by a sudden gust of wind.

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