Limestone cleaner is a vital product for maintaining limestone flooring, wall tiles, and bathrooms. It also gets used in a variety of other applications around the home and workplace too. An effective limestone floor cleaner can keep your flooring looking like new at all times. Additionally, a limestone patio cleaner can transform the look of the dirtiest patio surfaces to enhance the look of any garden area.

One of the big selling points of limestone is that it has a long, useful life. But, the downside with that type of stone is that it’s a soft material. As you can imagine, that means it is quite easy to scratch or damage.

Still, the news isn’t all bad. Did you know it’s possible to restore limestone surfaces with some specialist products? Plus, with the right limestone cleaner, you can also rejuvenate those surfaces too.

What You Will Need To Clean

Before you clean any limestone surfaces, you must have some cleaning tools to hand. Don’t worry – you will most likely have these items lying around the house.

To begin, you should have a mop, sponge, and vacuum cleaner at your disposal.

Next, use your vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to suck up any loose debris. Be sure to turn off any spinning brushes on upright vacuum cleaners. Once you have finished, cover over any limestone surfaces that you don’t need to clean.

Using The Right Limestone Cleaner For The Job

There are limestone cleaners on the market designed for specific applications. The one you should use will depend on where you are cleaning and how bad the dirt or damage is.

The following are the limestone cleaners that we offer:

Carrying out the cleaning process

Before you start, be sure to wear eye protection, a face mask, and protective clothing.

As with any limestone cleaner, you should test a small, inconspicuous area first. That way, you can determine that the product won’t cause any adverse reactions. If you are using a limestone patio cleaner make sure any surrounding vegetation and grass are thoroughly rinsed down afterwards.

You must follow the instructions on the limestone cleaner. Doing so will lower the risk of damage and increase the chances of a successful clean!

Be sure to take your time so that you can thoroughly clean any stubborn stains. If you’ve got a floor to clean, this is where your mop will come in handy.

Protecting your cleaned limestone surfaces

All being well, you should soon see the fruits of your labour. One of the great features of our Essential Range products is they leave your surfaces clean, deodorised and germ-free.

Note: on some tough stains, you may need to repeat the process or use Essential Ultra Cleaner Pro.

Once you have finished cleaning your limestone surfaces, it’s time to “seal” them. If you have cleaned your limestone floor, consider using Essential Stone Floor Rejuvenator.

You can use it on sealed and unsealed limestone floors, and it protects against oil and water-based stains.

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