Stonecare4u Essential Grout Cleaner are ready to use highly effective cleaners that will remove stubborn black mould from showers and bathrooms. Our unique formulations will also quickly and easily remove everyday dirt, stains and grime from kitchen, floor and wall tiles. Importantly all our grout cleaning products are free from any ingredients that will damage the grout, tiles or silicone to which it is applied.

Grout can be seen in numerous areas within residential and commercial properties; it also comes in many varieties and colours and is used extensively in building works as well as general home improvements. The big challenge is keeping grout clean as it is primarily used in areas of high use and gets dirty and grubby very quickly. An effective grout cleaner can make all the difference and can help to remove dirt, grime and mildew from grout in bathrooms, kitchens and showers.

In recent years, rising property prices has meant more and more homeowners are looking to protect and improve the look of what they already home. This particularly applies to areas within the home that get used frequently, such as kitchens, bathrooms, showers and toilets. The trend these days and the preference for many proud homeowners is to make these areas look highly presentable by having high quality tiling laid. The tiling used can take on many forms and includes ceramic, porcelain, marble, slate, travertine and those made from granite to name a few. To accentuate the look of these often high quality tiled areas, homeowners use various grout types such as cement based, sanded, caulking and epoxy grout. It also comes in many different colours to match and enhance the look of the tiles it is being used with. The choices available are considerable and can help homeowners create stunning looking walls and floors in their bathrooms, kitchens and showers.

The big challenge with grout is keeping it clean. The numbers of homeowners looking for a grout cleaner for floor tiles or a grout cleaner for shower tiles has been increasingly steadily year by year. To help with this issue, some of the more expensive grouting compounds are formulated with Microban, which is an anti-bacterial component as well as providing a level of water resistance. Although this formulation can make cleaning grout from bathroom areas easier, the use of a decent grout cleaner is usually necessary at some point. Most existing grout types, especially at the cheaper end of the range do not provide much water resistance or have any anti-bacterial component. This can result in the grout getting dirty very quickly as porous types will absorb water and dirt particles making it look quite unsightly. The grouted joints between floor tiles in particular can be very challenging to keep clean and using a grout cleaner for floor tiles should be used more often if you want to keep these areas clean from dirt and grime.

In addition to the dirt and grime mentioned above, the other issue on grouted joints is the growth and spread of mildew and mould. In showers, bathrooms and toilets which experience high levels of condensation, mould and mildew growth can be a serious issue. If any mould or mildew appears on grouted areas of tiling it should quickly be treated with a mould and mildew remover. At Stonecare4u we have a specialist mould remover called Essential Mould Remover, which can quickly remove this health hazard from tiling in showers and bathrooms. The product comes in an easy sprayable applicator and will help to prevent the growth and spread of these unpleasant organisms. The Essential Mould Remover can be used as a grout cleaner for shower tiles or for cleaning grout from bathroom areas generally.

Grout Cleaner

Pointing between tiles in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens can quickly become dirty due to constant use so cleaning grout is an ongoing process. Furthermore, trying to keep grout clean can be challenging so using an effective grout cleaner is essential. The visual transformation of changing the look of old dirty grout into new clean grout can be amazing. If you are searching for an answer, we have products that can quickly clean grout on tiles in showers, toilets and bathrooms. Essential Grout Haze Cleaner will quickly clean any mortar, cement residue, dirt as well as calcium deposits from floor and wall tiles.

The majority of new or refurbished homes are created with a contemporary style in mind. An integral part of this design incorporates various forms of often expensive floor and wall tiles. At the point of design a lot of thought is given to the colour, size, style and finish of the tiles to be used. However, there is little emphasis on the jointing material. Once laid most forms of stone tiles or slates are relatively easy to keep clean. On the other hand, when it comes to the pointing, things are not quite so simple. Obviously, we all want our home to look and feel clean. But the visual appeal of stunning tiles can be vastly diminished by dirty, stained pointing.

The Importance of Hygiene

Pointing or Grout is a naturally porous material. As a result, even in the cleanest home, it will inevitably suffer from dirt and spillages becoming ingrained into its surface. For example, floor areas that see a lot of foot traffic, food and water spills are always going to be more difficult to keep clean. Furthermore, hygiene is very important around areas where food is prepared. Therefore, it is essential to use a grout cleaner on a regular basis. This will make the tiles hygienic and prevent the build-up of any harmful surface contamination.

So what can we do to protect the grout or restore its original pristine finish? One, not very practical option is to painstakingly regularly clean each line with a toothbrush. More realistically, you can apply a protective sealer. Sealing will reduce the number of particles and liquids being absorbed into the joints. This will make cleaning far easier with water and a mild detergent. Stonecare4u supply two types of sealer in a liquid or aerosol form. Both of these products provide a high level of protection and are easy to apply. Essential Tile and Grout Sealer Spray is our most popular product as it is very quick and easy to apply.

Why Cleaning Grout is Essential

Cleaning grout is necessary whether the joints have been sealed or not. So, it is always advisable to clean any spillages or stains as soon as possible. Once they have been absorbed into the grout, regardless of cleaning material used, they can prove quite stubborn to remove. Another tip would be to pay particular attention in your bathroom or shower to the types of products you are using. For example, many brands of shampoo contain colourants and dyes. If these are not properly and consistently rinsed away after use, over time they will settle in the joints and start to discolour the grouting.

When selecting cleaning products, It is important to note that some harsh chemicals will not only make the joints more porous but will gradually strip away the grout as well. Stonecare4u grout cleaning products are specially formulated to clean grout effectively, without increasing absorption or damaging the joints.

If your grout has reached a condition where it cannot adequately be cleaned, there are now alternatives to the expensive and time-consuming process of removing the jointing material and starting again. Historically the vast majority of grout lines were, white or ivory, obviously the worst possible colours to try and keep clean! Today many shades of colour have become available and fashionable. This creates a great and easy opportunity to totally transform old and tired, white or ivory jointing with a trendy shade of grey, brown or black.

Used by Homeowners and Professional Contractors

Stonecare4u Essential Perfect Grout is a fantastic easy to use restoration product that helps DIY and professional contractors experts in the recolouring and restoring of tired grout. This product, available in a wide range of colours not only transforms the joints but seals them as well. With a lifespan of up to 15 years, the Perfect Grout represents unbeatable value. it is the fashionable, simple, easy and cost-effective technique for disguising worn out jointing or giving tiles a complete makeover and visual transformation. Once applied just a regular wipe down with one of Stonecare4u mild grout and tile cleaners will keep your wall or floor tiles looking beautiful for years to come.

Grout Cleaner Products

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