StoneCare4U Green Growth Killer is a fast and safe biodegradable formula that will quickly remove infestations of green growth from a variety of hard surfaces. Problems associated with green growth on Tarmac, roofs, paving, patios, drives and brickwork are all easily treated and solved by just applying the product by sprayer or watering can. Simply apply, leave and watch the green growth gradually disappear, it’s that easy! Furthermore, like a green growth killer for patio surfaces, it can help keep a patio looking like new. Moreover, it is also effective as a green growth killer for tarmac surfaces such as tennis courts or car parks.

Best Green Growth Killer For Roofs, Patios & Tarmac Surfaces

An effective green growth killer can be used on many different surfaces to help remove unsightly green growth. Because of this, many people are searching online for a green growth killer for roofs or green growth killer tarmac as well as a green growth killer for patio.

Dating back millions of years, green growth is a type of plant that is thought to be one of the oldest in the plant kingdom. Damp, wet climates like those we have in the UK can make surfaces particularly susceptible to green growth. That is to say, moisture creates an ideal breeding ground for plant growth. However, green growth can grow quite quickly on porous surfaces if left unchecked. So, it’s important to try and keep it under control by using an effective green growth killer for roofs or tarmac.

Green Growths absorb moisture like a sponge and can retain water for long periods of time. They have no roots but produce spores that can spread rapidly if left untreated. This can cause dampness which potentially can undermine surfaces such as your patio, driveway or roof. Patios, in particular, can be difficult to walk on when green growth starts to appear. Therefore, using a green growth-removing patio cleaner can make a patio safe to walk on at all times.

Eliminate Green Growth

Green Growth will detract from the look of external hard surfaces such as roofs. In addition, it can be potentially dangerous as it can cause driveways and patios to become very slippery. Green Growth on tarmac can be particularly slippery so using a green growth killer for tarmac makes sense for health and safety reasons. Eliminating green growth by using a spray applicator will not only enhance the look of your driveway, patio or roof but, when used as part of a maintenance program, will help to keep the problem at bay.

It is also important to use a green growth killer as part of the cleaning process if you are planning to seal the surface. In other words, all surface contamination should be removed before sealing. This ensures that the sealer can penetrate the surface properly without a dirt barrier preventing full absorption. A very clean surface allows the sealer to perform effectively.

There are many different brands of green growth remover, green growth killer and green growth killer sprays on the market, so how do you decide which is the best green growth killer to choose?

A Highly Effective Microbiological Biocide

Essential Green Away from StoneCare4U is a highly effective microbiological biocide that kills green growth quickly. It is also fully biodegradable. Essential Green Away green growth killer is a high-performance cleaner designed to eliminate persistent and seasonal green growth, green slime and algae from external surfaces. Once applied, it will work without brushing or spraying. With no complicated application techniques involved, this product is highly effective. Simply apply to the affected area and leave it to work over time. Any green growth or algae will disappear within days! From time to time, stubborn green growth may require a further application of Essential Green Away. Helping it by dislodging the obstinate green growth with a hose or sprayer if it clings to roof tiles or other surfaces can also assist with the cleaning process.

Our Green Growth Remover Could Not Be Easier To Apply

Depending on the level of surface contamination, the product is diluted at a ratio of one-part product to 20 parts water. A garden sprayer or watering can are common application tools. Dilution rates can be altered to produce a stronger concentration for badly affected areas. There is no need to wash it off, it is essential to leave the product to soak into the surface until it is completely dry. After a few days, the green growth or algae will discolour and perish and will not return for up to 12 months, when another application could be necessary. Sealing your roof, drive or patio with a good quality sealer after preparing the surface with Essential Green Away is the best way to prevent further contamination onto those untreated areas.

Other green growth-killer patio sprays and treatments on the market are acid-based. Consequently, they can potentially harm many exterior facades, particularly natural stone surfaces such as Slate, Limestone, Sandstone and Granite. Essential Green Away is a powerful acid-free formula that is safe on most surfaces. Importantly, if the product accidentally contaminates other areas, it can be rinsed away quickly using plenty of clean water. Then, once completely dry, it is safe around plants and pets. A periodic green growth killer patio treatment can help to keep an expensively laid patio looking good at all times.

Very Little Effort Is Required

Once you’ve used the green growth and algae remover and the unsightly green growth and algae have gone, you will be amazed at the transformation achieved! In addition, you have revealed the original beauty of your home. Even very porous concrete roof tiles that are covered in a ‘carpet of green growth’ can look great after treating with a green growth remover for roofs.

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