Hard-wearing, long-lasting and durable, granite is a popular choice for the home. Its gleaming appearance is pretty popular too. If you wish to keep your granite shining, you need an effective granite cleaner. Granite may be hardwearing, but you can’t use any old cleaning product on it. In fact, many common cleaners will cause distinct damage to granite surfaces. Luckily, you don’t have to look far to find the best granite worktop cleaner on the market.

At StoneCare4U, we’re committed to providing cost-effective, professional-grade natural stone cleaners. We have an in-depth understanding of how natural stone reacts to various chemicals. We’ve used that knowledge to create a cleaning product with a difference. If you are looking for the best granite cleaner or a granite worktop cleaner we have everything you need.

Maintaining Granite Worktops

Our granite cleaner is formulated for use on high-quality stone work surfaces. The Essential Worktop Rejuvenator is perfectly suited for granite and marble countertops. A standard granite worktop cleaner could harm your granite, but our specialist granite worktop cleaner won’t dull or mark the stone. It will get it very clean though.

It might be tempting to use standard kitchen cleaners or even bleach on your new work surfaces. But this could be a costly mistake. Bleach can dull granite. This will leave your once gleaming surfaces lacklustre. It’s not the only cleaning product to do that either.

Natural cleaners, such as lemon and vinegar, are extremely acidic too. They can cause significant damage to granite. That means any solutions containing lemon and vinegar could cause damage. A dedicated cleaner for granite can keep your floors, countertops and tiles fresh, clean. It will help to maintain their condition too.

You should use always test our Essential Worktop Rejuvenator before use. But its unique formula means it’s safe on a variety of pre-sealed natural stone surfaces. This includes granite countertops, tiles and flooring. In fact, it is the ideal granite cleaner.

Brush away loose dirt and debris before applying our granite cleaner, then polish with a soft cloth or paper towel. It’s that simple to use and will protect as well as clean the surface of the granite.

Our Essential Worktop Rejuvenator is a brilliant granite cleaner. It helps to keep your granite surfaces in fantastic condition. It does this by leaving an invisible protective barrier on the surface.

Everyday Cleaning And Granite Work Surfaces

Like all kitchen surfaces, you’ll want to keep your granite worktops clean on a day-to-day basis. Wiping down your worktops with our granite worktop cleaner helps to kill bacteria. It also prevents staining and keeps your granite gleaming. It kills bacteria from food, hands, school bags and much more besides.

Although day-to-day cleaners may seem fairly innocuous, they could be harmful. They shouldn’t be used on granite worktops or any type of granite surface. Again, many of these cleaners contain harsh chemicals and have an acid base. When it comes to natural stone, such as granite, these aren’t a viable choice. In fact, using this type of cleaner on a granite surface could soon cause damage.

For everyday cleaning, our Essential Hard Surface Neutral Cleaner is a great option. It is suitable for use on pre-sealed natural stone surfaces. That’s why you can rely on our Hard Surface Neutral Cleaner. It is one granite cleaner that will keep your surfaces clean and fresh.

With a fresh lavender scent, it’s great for freshening up. It works as a specialist indoor granite cleaner and keeps surfaces germ-free. Leaving the area smelling fresh and clean is just one of its benefits. You’ll notice a distinct sparkle when you use Essential Hard Surface Neutral Cleaner.

What’s more – it’s good for the environment. Its biodegradable formula may make the best granite cleaner out there. Safe to use on most surfaces, you can trust our hard surface cleaner in every room of your property. From bathroom to garden, it’s an indoor cleaner that offers excellent versatility.

Besides, it’s a granite cleaning product that can be applied in seconds. That means cleaning can be finished fast. After testing on a small surface, dilute our Essential Hard Surface Neutral Cleaner with water and apply. Wipe clean after just 1 to 2 minutes, and you’re done – it’s as easy as that and so simple!

With a no-streak formula, you won’t need to rinse or add water after mopping up the initial application. That means that you won’t find a granite cleaner that’s easier to use.

Cleaning External Granite Surfaces

Granite is a popular choice in kitchens and bathrooms. But it’s also used outdoors. If you have a feature patio or courtyard, you may have granite flooring there too. Or maybe you have an outdoor kitchen, fire pit or BBQ area that’s granite. If that’s the case, you’ll need a strong granite cleaner for the outdoors too. But it will need to be gentle enough to keep the shine.

Our Essential Ultra Cleaner Pro is a heavy-duty granite cleaner. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, so it’s ideal for use on granite surfaces in any location.

Essential Ultra Cleaner Pro can also clean many other types of natural stone. It can clean polished marble, slate, sandstone, limestone and ceramic to name a few. If you have a mix of flooring surfaces or worktops, you may want to use just one cleaner for them all. If that’s the case, Essential Ultra Cleaner Pro is perfect for the job.

Besides cleaning day-to-day dirt and grime, it can remove tough stains and grease. It’ll also shift layers of wax and hard to shift, ingrained dirt. When you’re searching for the best granite cleaner for tough jobs it is ideal. That’s why you should choose Essential Ultra Cleaner Pro.

At StoneCare4U, we work hard to ensure all our products are easy-to-use. But we’re always on hand to offer any extra help you may need. If you want to find out more about using a granite cleaner, talk to our team today. We can help you choose the right product. Having the right product is vital. It will help you keep your granite in good shape.

Simply call StoneCare4U on 0333 355 3606 or contact us on our contact form, and we’ll be happy to help.

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