If your decking is covered in slippery algae, it can be dangerous as well as unsightly. StoneCare4U Deck Cleaner is the easy way to keep decking clean and safe, without pressure washing. The process could not be simpler. Just apply, work in with a broom, leave for a couple of hours and rinse away with a hose. What could be easier?

Best Cleaner For Decking

Decking has become very popular with homeowners in the last 20 years or so, mainly because of its promotion on garden makeover shows. It can certainly have a transformational effect in many gardens. Moreover, many homeowners see decking as maintenance-friendly with the perception that they will spend less time cutting lawns. However, this is often not the case as decking can get dirty very quickly!  A decent deck cleaner is often needed to keep it in optimum condition.

Wooden Deck Cleaner

Wooden decking is generally made from softwood such as pine and spruce as it’s much cheaper than hardwood. However, softwood is easier to damage than hardwood therefore composite decking has become a popular alternative in recent years. Although softwood is still used for most new areas of decking, the advantages of composite decking have seen it laid in increasing amounts year by year. Composite decking is generally made up of plastic and wood and in most cases, the plastic is recycled. This gives it an environmentally friendly edge over decking made purely of wood.

Keep It Clean

The challenge with all types of decking is keeping it clean and free from algae growth. This can be a big problem for homeowners and commercial customers alike. A deck cleaner should be used more than once a year to keep areas of wooden decking free from dirt and grime. However, although many homeowners can put up with dirty wooden decking to a degree, it’s green algae that causes most problems. Green algae can make wooden or composite decking very slippery and potentially dangerous to walk on. This causes all sorts of health and safety issues. With so much choice around, selecting the best cleaner for decking is not easy as some are not effective.

Composite Deck Cleaner

Composite decking tends to retain its looks much better than wood and that is why it’s becoming more popular. Whether you are looking for a deck cleaner for wood or composite decking, it’s worth looking for one that cleans the decking as well as removing green algae. Essential Deck Cleaner from StoneCare4U is a fast-acting cleaner that will quickly remove years of dirt and grime. Even if the decking hasn’t been cleaned for a long period, it will still be good green algae, lichen and black spot remover. It works effectively as a composite deck cleaner or wooden deck cleaner and can make old grubby decked areas look new.  You may also want to apply a decking oil (wooden decking only) once the deck cleaner has been used. This enhances the look of the wood and provides further protection.

Decking Maintenance

Decking maintenance is an ongoing process. Due to the damp climate in the UK, it should be done once or twice a year. If you have decked areas that need cleaning the Essential Deck Cleaner can help you get them clean quickly. If you want to keep on top of the maintenance and prevent any green algae from returning we would recommend treating the decking with the Essential Algae Remover now and again. The algae remover is not necessarily the best cleaner for decking but is a great preventative measure once any algae has been removed. The algae remover should be used to stop a wooden or composite deck from getting slippery and help avoid accidents that are commonplace in decked areas.

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