Are you fed up with trying to keep your block paving looking attractive and free from dirt, green growth and algae? Have you decided intense pressuring washing is not the answer? StoneCare4U have a solution. Without intense jet washing, Essential Block Paving Cleaner will transform your block paving in a matter of hours. Simply apply and leave, then rinse away and be astounded by the results. Cleaning block paving around your home could not be easier!

StoneCare4U supplies products for cleaning block paving that is fast, effective and easy to use. Block paving cleaner removes the most stubborn dirt, algae and lichen from your paving. It also kills green growth and weeds. Therefore, it is highly effective. Importantly, it saves you money because it will clean the pavers far more effectively than just pressure washing. So, it drastically reduces the time and effort required to do the job.

For several decades now, block paving has become a very popular material for creating driveways, patios, car parks and access roads. In addition, it’s also used in various other commercial and residential areas. However, it has its limitations and drawbacks, due to its constant exposure to the generally damp UK climate.

Cleaner For Block Paving

One of the main issues is that most block pavers are quite porous, due to their composition and low-quality materials used. This porosity leads to the pavers becoming covered in hard-to-remove algae and lichens. The algae and lichens feed on the minerals naturally present within the pavers and on any surface that retains moisture. It’s difficult to keep them looking clean because the algae are alive, ingrained and attached to the pavers.

The main focal point of your home is usually your driveway. This once attractive feature can look unsightly once paving becomes masked by unsightly growths. Another frustration with block paving is the ease with which weeds and green growth become established. Because the pavers are laid on a bed of sand and have sand between the joints, this combination provides an invitation for weeds and green growth to flourish.

Years ago nobody used to clean their driveway. Their time outside with cleaning materials was mainly for cleaning their car or windows, not their paving! Since around 2000 this has changed rapidly. There are now thousands of companies across the UK specialising in cleaning block paving. You are more likely to see a homeowner with a pressure washer, trying to clean where he parks his car, rather than the car itself!

Cleaning Block Paving

The major factor behind this dramatic increase is the availability & affordability of pressure washers for contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

This, combined with people’s desire to maintain their expensive driveway has led to the emergence of this new industry and popular hobby for homeowners.

In addition, people are now becoming aware and rightly concerned that regular pressure washing is wearing away the protective layer on the surface of their paving. Loss of colour and increased porosity are the results. In other words, this enables organic matter and dirt to become ingrained into the surface. Importantly, paving manufacturers warn against aggressive power washing. This is because driveways laid onto a bed of sand can become unstable as the sub base is undermined and gradually washed away.

StoneCare4U block paving cleaner is the affordable answer. Most surfaces can be very effectively cleaned with this product, often with just a hose and broom. A DIY power washer might be required in some cases, for best results, but only used on a lower-pressure setting. Cleaning block paving no longer has to become an arduous task.

Once applied, StoneCare4U block paving cleaner does more than just clean. It contains four active ingredients which mean that it protects as well as inhibiting the green and black organic matter that leaves paving looking dirty. Simply apply the product, leave on a damp surface for a few hours and watch the muck and grime melt away. It’s that simple!

High-grade Block Paving Cleaner

The product can be applied by watering can or sprayer. You may need to apply the product neat if there are areas in very bad condition that have been neglected for a number of years. But in most cases, a 1:1 dilution rate is more than strong enough. At this ratio, the product is extremely powerful. In some cases, or as part of a maintenance programme, a dilution rate of 2:1 or 3:1 will be fine.

Importantly, there are no acid-based ingredients within the product. Therefore, no damage to the pavers can occur. Usually leaving the product on the surface for just a few hours is all that is required. Always use adequate safety wear and rinse down surrounding areas before and after use to avoid damage to surrounding vegetation. Please refer to the label or website before use.

After the drive has been returned to a satisfactory condition, it is recommended to use our block paving cleaner in diluted form as part of a regular maintenance programme. This will avoid the need for power washing equipment to be used and eliminate the risk of long-term damage.

You Can Use Block Paving Sealer For Best Results

StoneCare4U block paving sealer is recommended if you are looking to fully restore your paving and prevent loss of colour. It creates a water repellent barrier on the surface of the pavers. It helps keep the pavers free of algae and easy to maintain, as a result. Because the sealer is UV resistant, it protects against colour loss caused by the Sun and general exposure to the elements.

With the advances made in cleaning products, there is no reason why any paved area cannot maintain that ‘just laid’ look. This is important from an aesthetic perspective as well as a financial one!

In comparison with possibly having to replace areas of paving at some stage in the future, the cost of block paving cleaner and block paving sealer is minimal. You can keep the outside of your home looking great and retain it as a valuable asset to your property with a few hours invested maybe once or twice a year.

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