Stonecare4u Essential BLACK SPOT REMOVER is a high-performance alkaline cleaner specially formulated to remove stubborn black spots from all paving slabs, including Natural stone, Limestone & Sandstone.

Simple to use, our product contains no ingredients that can damage the paving. Just apply, work in with a broom, leave for a couple of hours, rinse away and be amazed!

In recent years many more homeowners have started to look for a patio black spot remover to resolve an issue that sometimes appears very challenging. The problem has arisen because of the proliferation of porous patio surfaces being laid, especially those constructed with natural stone. Removing black spot from patio surfaces is not easy, but with the right patio cleaning product and the appropriate application tools it can be done. Although, it can appear on most hard surfaces, it tends to grow more readily on porous natural stone and concrete patio areas.

What is patio black spot?

Patios made from porous stone surfaces are often seen covered in what appears to be black spots. These black spots are formed from small spores that are transferred to the stone from leaves and other detritus that is blown onto the surface by the wind and rain. Over time these spores attach themselves to the porous surface and begin to multiply, ending up as what is termed black lichen and it can look very unsightly. Removing black spot from patios is difficult as the black lichen tends to attach itself not just to the surface but also starts to grow into the top layers. Furthermore, using a pressure washer regardless of its power tends to have very limited effect and can end up damaging the surface of the stone before it has any impact on removal of the black spot.

Why is patio black spot removal becoming more of an issue?

The reason it has become an issue for homeowners now is the increase in the variety of patio surfaces being laid across the UK, especially in the last 25 years. Prior to this period, block paving, pre-cast slabs and crazy paving were generally the most popular choices when it came to homeowners choosing a surface for their patio areas. Nowadays, natural stone is the preferred option for many homeowners as it can look really nice once laid. Natural stone takes many forms and includes Indian sandstone, limestone, slate, granite, York stone and travertine. Furthermore, natural stone is generally very porous especially sandstone, which is where most issues with patio black spot removal occur. Sandstone can look amazing when it is first laid but in an ideal world it would be considered the totally wrong product for the damp UK climate. However, that doesn’t stop homeowners from buying it and it continues to be laid in vast quantities across the UK. Black lichen can soon make an area of sandstone paving look like its been down many years even though it may have been down six months.

It’s not all bad news as Stonecare4u have been aware of the issues with patio black spot removal for some time now. With our Essential Patio Black Spot Remover, you can quickly remove spots caused by stubborn black lichen from all types of stone surfaces. Depending on the severity of the black spot on the patio the product can be diluted accordingly to ensure best results and on occasions a repeat application may be necessary. However, the results of removing black spot from patio areas can be phenomenal and many homeowners are now becoming aware of what can be done. At Stonecare4u we have developed Essential Black Spot Remover so it can be used on natural stone, block paving, concrete, masonry and other stone surfaces. With just one or two treatments it can quickly make an old looking patio area look like new, so why not give it a go?

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