StoneCare4U Essential Algae Remover is a safe and easy way to remove algae from any ‘hard’ external surface. Its biodegradable formula can be used on a multitude of outdoor surfaces including paving, walls and roof tiles. Simply dilute, apply by a sprayer and watch the algae disappear.

If you have problems with algae around the home we have the solution. StoneCare4U supply a highly effective algae remover that will work on an array of external hard surfaces.

You will invariably find algae wherever you find a porous surface that retains moisture for any appreciable amount of time. For instance, any form of paving and natural stone, wood, concrete, or tarmac can suffer from algae. In short, this not only spoils the look of the surface but can cause accidents due to its slippery characteristics. As porous sandstone has increased in popularity in recent years, and you’ll find that sandstone cleaner is even more essential as these issues are magnified on such surfaces.

Types of Algae Remover & Lichen Remover

Most forms of algae will readily flourish and adhere to substrates that retain any degree of moisture. The plant manifests itself in a variety of forms and is usually green or red in appearance. Its spores literally float around in the air, looking to identify permeable and ideally permanently damp surfaces to colonise. As a very simple plant, it ‘feeds’ on various minerals that rainwater can dissolve from the substrate. Consequently, this is then absorbed by the plant. As a result, rapid colonisation and the spread of live growth can begin.

Algae can be easily removed by using our highly effective products. In addition, they can protect against future infestation. An occasional routine maintenance programme is the key to keeping any external area looking its best. For instance, once initially cleaned and free of spores, if our product is applied in a diluted form maybe twice a year, any future problems can be avoided. You would usually apply Algae Remover at the beginning of Spring and in late Autumn.

In addition, to simplify your future maintenance regime, you will find applying sealers such as tarmac sealers to the surface will slow down the process of it getting dirty. Also, it will make it much easier to clean when it does get dirty.

Algae Cleaner

Stonecare4u’s unique formulations of algae cleaner are simple to apply by watering can or sprayer. Certainly, results can generally be seen within a short period. The effects might take just a few hours with dense substrates such as limestone, clay and granite. On the other hand, it might take a bit longer on more porous surfaces like tarmac, decking or concrete roof tiles. Importantly, the ‘active’ elements within our products also act as an effective inhibitor. This can protect the surface for several months to one or two years.

Acid-free Algae Remover

Our essential algae remover is acid-free, bio-degradable and will not harm any other vegetation or growth. Simply apply, leave and let nature do the rest.

For most applications, a ratio of 5 parts water to 1 part product will be sufficient. If applied by sprayer, 5 litres of algae remover should be enough to treat around 100m².  For best results apply when the affected surface is as dry as possible. That is to say, if it is applied when the surface is retaining too much moisture, it will be unable to penetrate into the substrate correctly. Consequently, this could adversely affect its performance.

Algae Remover Products


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