Make sure you use an Algae Cleaner that works

Algae can be a huge problem for external patio floors, roofs, decking and paving in general. Thankfully, Stonecare4u has the perfect solution as our algae cleaner is designed to not only remove unsightly algae from your stone surfaces but also prevent it from growing again. If you want to get rid of algae for good, you can rely on our best algae patio cleaner.

When Do I Need an Algae Cleaner?

First, let’s talk about why algae forms in the first place.

Algae tend to form in damp places because it thrives on moisture. For example, if it’s been a wet winter season then you might expect to see algae growing on your roof or on your driveway paving. It can also form if you cover wet furniture and store it someplace that is exposed. The reason it tends to form between the cracks of your paving is that it thrives in dark areas.

Removing it is a simple task and by using our algae patio cleaner, you can have clean stone surfaces once again. Our algae roof cleaner can also be used if you’re experiencing algae growth on your roof. This is common due to the small ridges and dark areas under and around your roof tiles. Your roof also catches a lot of rainwater and moisture in general which leads to algae growth. Algae may also form on your patio or decking. Thankfully, Stonecare4u has the perfect solution to help you get rid of it.

Using an Algae Patio Cleaner from Stonecare4u

Our specially-formulated algae removing products are a fantastic solution for anyone looking to get rid of algae quickly and efficiently. Simply follow the instructions on the label and you’ll get algae-free surfaces for up to 12 months. It takes almost no effort and once applied, it is also highly effective.

Its also made with a unique formula that makes it fully biodegradable. This makes it safe to use around the area you apply it. Your garden won’t be damaged and pets won’t be harmed.

  • Essential Deck Cleaner is a high-performance cleaner that is made for wooden surfaces. It doesn’t contain acid which means that it will not damage wooden decking and can be used even in areas with heavy algae contamination.
  • Essential Patio Cleaner is an alkaline-based solution which isn’t as aggressive as alternatives, meaning it doesn’t damage delicate stone surfaces.
  • Essential Algae Remover is a general-purpose algae remover that works on patios and driveways, but can also be used as an algae cleaner. Simply apply the formula, allow it to soak for over an hour and then dislodge the remaining pieces of algae with a hose or sprayer.

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We have several different algae removers that are perfect for use as an algae patio cleaner and an algae roof cleaner. However, they’re so versatile that they can be used as a general-purpose algae remover and cleaner. It’s safe around pets and children once it has dried, making it a great choice for all households. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email or online contact form to learn more about our products. You’ll also find plenty of application and safety data on the individual product pages.

Algae Cleaner Products

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