Frequently Asked Questions

We try to pack items together so you’ll receive your whole order simultaneously. However, it is quite possible that your items will arrive separately.

Don’t be too concerned if you’ve only received part of your order – the others will be on their way!

If you’ve not received part of your order and the estimated delivery has elapsed, please contact our Support Team.

If your patio or drive was laid prior to 2008, it is more likely to be precast concrete patio slabs or flagstones. If you are not sure you can check with the manufacturer or the company that laid the paving. If either of these options is not available, please send us a picture.

No, none of our cleaning products contains acid, they will not change the appearance or remove the colour from the stone.

The colour boost not only protects against colour loss, algae and dirt, it will also enhance the stone by leaving it looking ‘damp’ in appearance.

Internally or externally the sealer is normally touch dry after around 2-3 hours, always avoid over-applying the product.

Normally after 4-6 hours, if applied to a driveway, leave vehicles off for 24 hours.

In current European legislation, a biocide is defined as a chemical treatment that has been formulated to kill, destroy or have a controlling influence on an organic organism such as algae or lichen.

Like many household cleaners, if applied concentrated to grass or plants, it will certainly harm if not kill them. This can always be avoided by saturating the adjacent areas with water prior to applying the cleaner and then rinsing off with copious amounts of water. This will then dilute the cleaner to the point where it will not harm grass or plants.

We would always recommend using it as soon as possible after opening, certainly within a year.

No, because our sealer creates a liquid repellent seal/coating on the surface. Once applied it cannot be painted over.

No, the sealing products we supply for brickwork and walls are breathable, allowing any retained moisture within the substrate to escape.

Every application is slightly different, with a type of surface, exposure to the elements, amounts of wear and tear all factors. On average a top-up coat of sealer, every 3 years is recommended.

Rinsing with lots of water immediately after finishing the application of the product is advised.

Not always as the cleaner is highly effective. But a pressure washer at relatively low pressure will need to be used to clear the joints between the pavers.

No, if left to long it might start to ‘crystalise’ and dry white on the surface, but it will not damage the surface. If this does occur, it can be removed by either a stiff broom and water or a pressure washer.

Very much a personal choice in terms of preferred finish, technically the matt sealer will probably be slightly harder wearing and last a bit longer.

Unless over applied, or applied to the wrong type of stone, the sealers should not make the surface more slippery.

Grout is porous when applied, some companies or mixes do incorporate a sealing additive, but this only has a limited lifespan. If not sealed, the grout is likely to stain, appear discoloured and very difficult to keep clean.

No, it will not change the appearance of the tiles.

This term is used in relation to applying multiple coats of sealer. It means that the 2nd or 3rd coat of sealer needs to be applied before the previous coat has fully dried.

Yes, all products should be easily purchased through our online shop, if you require advice before placing your order, please get in touch.

We do currently sell samples for StoneCare4U, but they are only available on select products. If a product has a sample available it will have a “SAMPLE AVAILABLE” stamp on the products image.

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