Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a discount coupon for my visitors?

Currently, we offer a custom coupon or promo code. Please ask us via our email [email protected] if you need a custom coupon code.

Banners for StoneCare4U Affiliate Programme

You will find your Banner here: go to Affiliate Account Page > Affiliate Main Menu > Marketing > Banners

Am I allowed to create and use my own banners?

In order to use your own promotional materials for advertising StoneCare4U Products, you have to get our explicit written permission, and you have to use the destination link with your unique referrer ID from your Affiliate Account Page > Affiliate Main Menu > Marketing > Affiliate Links

Am I allowed to buy a product myself?

Yes, you are allowed to purchase the products at Please note that Affiliates will be able to earn a commission on their own purchases via their own referral links.

For which products will I receive commissions?

Affiliates get paid for sales for any of the products from website.

Where can I read your Affiliate Programme Terms of Service?

Please click here to read our Affiliate Terms of Service. If you have questions regarding the ToS, please contact us via this email: [email protected]

When and how often will I be paid?

Your commissions are paid on the last day of the month.

For example, if you make a sale in the first or last week of January, you will receive your commission on the last day of February.

You can track your Payment History and pending payments from your Affiliate Account Page > Affiliate Main Menu > Payments

How do I get banners and text links for affiliate ads?

All banners and affiliate links with your unique affiliate link are placed in your Affiliate Account Page in the Banners section.

To get banners and text links, follow these steps:

You are allowed to create your own banners, but you have to get our explicit written permission, and you have to use the destination link with your unique referrer ID from your Affiliate Account Page. You are not allowed to alter your affiliate link without our explicit approval.

What about customers who have their cookies disabled?

Unfortunately, if a customer has their cookies disabled this will prevent us from tracking the real referral of the sale. But don’t worry! Studies show that a very small amount of users disable or delete cookies. Your chance of generating a successful sale is over 99.99%.

If I have any issues or need assistance with my affiliate account or commissions, who do I contact?

You can contact us through our email [email protected] or our LiveChat. Please include as much information as possible, so we can identify and resolve your issue as soon as possible.

How will I be paid?

Your affiliate commission will be paid via PayPal, Stripe or Bank Transfer. Transaction fees may apply. You need to specify a valid PayPal/Stripe/Bank account when you sign up for our StoneCare4U Affiliate Programme.

Additionally, you can change your PayPal/Stripe/Bank address later on from here:

  • Log in to the Affiliate Account Page
  • Click Affiliate Main Menu > Profile > Payment Settings
  • In the Payment Type select PayPal/Stripe/Bank and enter your PayPal/Stripe/Bank account address below
  • Click Save.

There are no minimum thresholds so any commissions you earn will be sent to you regardless of the amount.

How much can I earn with your Affiliate Programme?

There is no limit on your earning. As long as the sales you send to us are made legitimately, we will pay for them. Your monthly commission is determined by the total number of sales generated during a calendar month. We pay between 10% and 20% per sale. The more sales that are made, the more you’ll get paid!

I know I referred a new customer, but I can’t find the sale in my statistics. What should I do?

If you should notice that a sale is missing in your Affiliate Referrals Statistics, please contact us via our email [email protected] and tell us as much information about the sale or new customer as you can. Useful information would be the purchase date, product name, customer name etc. We will investigate the issue and if we are able to find and confirm that the sale was generated by you, we will add the sale to your account.

How do I monitor my sales activity and commissions?

We offer detailed statistics about the traffic and sales you generate as an affiliate.

In order to check your sales statistics, you need to log in to your Affiliate Account Page and go to the Referrals tab in your Affiliate Main menu.

From the Payments tab in your Affiliate Main menu, you will be able to keep track of the payments to your selected account.

How do I sign up to be a StoneCare4U Affiliate?

Please visit our Affiliate Register Page and fill out the required information. It takes only a few minutes. Everyone can sign up for the program, it’s FREE! Join Now!

How do you track my sales?

The StoneCare4U Affiliate Programme uses cookies to track and record sales made through your referral link. Our tracking cookie is valid for 365 days and is awarded on a last click basis. If a visitor comes to our website by clicking on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, your cookie will overwrite other affiliate cookies and you will be awarded for the generated sale.

Please note that if someone clicks on your affiliate link, but clears their cookies afterwards, we won’t be able to credit you for the sale.

Can I participate in the affiliate program if I live outside of the United Kingdom?

We have no limitation depending on the country you come from. You must simply check if your PayPal account is able to receive payments.

What is an Affiliate Programme?

By participating in the StoneCare4U Affiliate Program you are able to earn money by referring new customers to StoneCare4U through banner ads or text links on your website, social media or in email. StoneCare4U provides you with the special banner and text link codes containing your unique id. When a user clicks on your ad or link, and the transaction results in a sale on our website, you get a commission for the sale.

Why participate in the StoneCare4U Affiliate Programme?

The StoneCare4U Affiliate Programme offers the following advantages:

  • Unlimited earnings every month: Our program sets no limit on the number of customers you can refer per month or the commissions you can earn.
  • Amazing Commissions: between 10% – 20% per sale
  • Payment frequency: We pay every month!
  • Minimum threshold: There is no minimum payout amount. Even if you make just one sale, we will pay you.
  • Choice of ads and links: We provide a variety of pre-made banners that will suit your web.
  • Program support: You can contact us via email or LiveChat and ask for help or information. We will be glad to help you.
  • Satisfaction that comes from sharing: By directing your family, friends, colleagues, and website visitors to StoneCare4U, you are introducing them to the most professional and affordable natural stone cleaners and sealers in the industry.

To sign up and start earning commissions, please go to our Affiliate Register Page and register.

Am I allowed to change my affiliate link?

You are allowed to use StoneCare4U’s Affiliate Link Generator from Marketing > Affiliate Links Tab. Except for the changes that are possible through this tool, we urge you not to make other changes, since this might affect negatively your tracking code. You are welcome to Contact Us and ask if the change you want to make is possible.

Affiliate marketing and its benefits

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of online advertising where online merchants/advertisers pay webmasters/publishers who promote products or services on their sites for results (such as a visitor purchasing a promoted product or service).

The merchants are usually referred to as affiliate merchants and the publishers are referred to as affiliates.

What are its benefits?

Benefits of affiliate marketing include the potential for making the advertising process much easier for both parties – accepting and approving registrations and orders, generating unique sales IDs, tracking of results, etc, and payment only for results – purchases, registrations, etc.

The fact that advertisers pay their publishers only when a new client is introduced makes affiliate marketing a comparatively low-risk, well-rewarded business venue for both merchants and publishers.

Still have questions? Contact Us

In case you have more questions or you need assistance to start/manage your affiliate account/campaigns, please drop us a line to [email protected]

Our Affiliate Department is available Monday to Friday during office hours and will make sure to address your questions as soon as possible.

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