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Our products and formulations are all manufactured in the UK. StoneCare4U’s company ethos and aim are to create a vibrant business that can employ local people and support the UK economy.

The ESSENTIAL RANGE is our core range of products. The emphasis is on quality products providing “no thrills, great results” designed to combine unbeatable value and professional performance. The range appeals to both DIY/homeowners, tradesmen and small businesses.


StoneCare4U are a supplier of a professional range of Natural Stone Cleaners and Sealers.

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StoneCare4U originated in the North of England in 2011 and was originally developed as a premium stone care range. The products were branded with a classical, gold, luxury style and catered to both indoor and outdoor applications. In 2015, it was decided to create a fresh range of stone care products aimed at discerning, entry-level budget customers looking for quality products at highly competitive prices. StoneCare4U was reborn as a new, fresh brand with a more modern and clean looking range. The essential range which is manufactured exclusively in the UK was developed and provided a new audience/sales channel for StoneCare4U Limited.

The current iteration of the StoneCare4U (SC4U) brand and logo mark is aimed at a modern and to-the-point market, with no ornamentation or added garnishes to take away from the strong and memorable product name. The badge/crest holds the shortened initials in the form of a small tiled matrix, and the two colour schemes of green and blue lend an outdoors, natural feel to the logo. The accompanying ESSENTIAL RANGE strip used on labels acts as a range identifier and labels are also colour coded with the two primary colours, green for cleaning action and blue for sealing action.


Our full range of INDOOR Stone Cleaners, Sealers and Maintenance.

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StoneCare4U aims to assist with all enquiries and help to better our customer base. We sell 5L and 25L formats with recently introduced 500ml sprayers and 1L and 2.5L sizes. We also have a builder’s/construction-focused range of water-resistant sealers that are currently under development and will be ready for market in the very near future.



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The StoneCare4U range has expanded rapidly based upon evaluation and feedback from sales channels and customers. Our range has in excess of 80 individual products, packaged and branded to deliver a uniform look and feel across the range. Customer service and satisfaction is the key to our success. We take great pride in the support and expert advice we provide for all our customers. Product training for our team of advisers is fundamental, with all product questions and enquiries handled professionally.


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